Guilt - No Entry

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I am starting to feel bad about what i said to Loren. I just got irritated, I snapped. There must be a reason why she isn't talking, and maybe those scars have something to do with it. Ugh.

She doesn't trust me. And what I said earlier could ruin my chance of ever getting her to trust me. I just need to go over there and apologize. That's exactly wat im gonna do.



I sank down in the tub. I was taking a bubble bathe, I was just getting comfortable when the door bell rang. I groaned to my self. Who could that be. Maybe its my mom. But she has a key. I got up out the water and grabbed my towel wrapping it around my self. I jogged down stairs to the front door. I opened it slightly, just enough to see who it was.

"Hey" it was Jas. I rolled my eyes and tried to shut the door, she stopped it with her foot.

"Please Loren I just want to apologize" she said. I sighed and opened the door. She walked in and I shut the door behind her. She looked me up and down and smirked.

"Well damn" I rolled my eyes and walked away from her going back upstairs.

"Sorry bout that" she chuckled following me upstairs, i walked into my room and was about to walk into the bathroom.

"Wait" she stopped me I looked at her.

"Come here" I was hesitant, but I walked towards her and folded my arms.

"I want to apologize about earlier. Its hard for me to like someone who doesn't talk. All the other girls i liked spoke. But you won't. I just don't understand why" she told me. She likes me?. What about me is there to like huh? I'm always depressed, I am wounded with scars, who wants to be with a used rag?

"Those scars, they made me angry, just looking at them. I dont understand who would cause you so much pain." She said. I looked down at my bare feet.

"Loren. Can you tell me what's going on with you. I know you might not trust me, but give me a chance, talk to me, and I'll be here for you. I promise baby girl. I won't hurt you" I wanted to believe her, half of me does believe her, but I won't. I promised my self not to let anyone in. Not to speak.

"Loren.." She called my name in a soothing tone. I looked up at her and caught myself tearing up. I quickly wiped my tears away.

"I'm not gonna stop, until you tell me something Loren, I'm not gonna give up. If that's what you want its not gonna happen" she asured. I sighed and walked over to my bed, I pulled my diary from under my pillow and I then gave it to Jasmine. I don't know what I was thinking but I hope I won't regret it.

"You want me to read this" she asked. I simply nodded and walked way, into the bathroom. I locked the bathroom door and returned to my bubble bath.



I looked at the book Loren gave me, it was some type of diary, Loren walked into her bathroom and shut the door behind her . i sat on her bed and got to reading

Entry 1-
July 18, 2015.

It's better to be unhappy alone
than unhappy with someone - so
~Marilyn Monroe

After 7 years Mother finally decides that we should leave. After the 7 years of Abuse, Pain, hurt, neglect, and unhappyness he gave us, now she does something. My life has already been destroyed. My dignity is gone. My innocents - Taken.............

~hope y'all liked

~sorry its short



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