Irritation! -No Entry

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I ran into my room trying to shut the door behind me, just before i could lock the door, it was pushed wide open and I hit the wall .
"Don't let me look for you girl. IT'LL ONLY MAKE SHIT WORST! LITTLE GIRL!!" His harsh words slurred after me. I pulled my knees up to my chin and wrapped my arms around myself. Hiding behind the door. He walked into my room slamming the door behind him, exposing me.
"Ohhhhhh" he said laughing devilishly.
"You really in for it tonight" he walked over to me and grabbed me.
"Getcho ass up!" He yelled
"MOMMMY!! HELP!!!"i screamedknowing it was no use. I just thought maybe. Just maybe this time she would come to my rescue.

Tears flowing like a river down my cheek , he throw me on my bed , ripping my clothes off.
"No! Pleases. No   I didn't do anything Wrong today" I plead.
"I don't care what you did right or wrong! You belong to me!" And with that, he shoved himself in side of me.


I jumped out of my sleep as fear rushed through my body. I looked down under my covers noticing that I still had my clothes on, and I was in my new room.

"Another fucked up memory" I said mentally. I sighed and sat up in bed grabbing my phone off the night stand. I checked the time, it being 9:45am and then checked the unread message from Jas I had.

Talkative: good morning beautiful

I rolled my eyes at the message and replied.

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