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I slipped my feet into my sandles and then grabbed my phone and walked out my room. I smelt Eggs and Bacon, and.....

"Muffins.." I smiled to my self , and sped my pace up towards the kitchen.

Louise (Nana) stood over the stove , while Teri and Elana laid plates out on the table, waiting to be filled with food.

"Good Morning" I smiled grabbing their attention.

"Hey lor" Teri smiled.
"Good morning Baby" my mom genuinely smiled at me, she's in a good mood.

"How did you sleep hunny?" Louise asked.

"Well.." I lied, knowing I woke up with a blazing head ache, and my body sore. The pills Jasmine just ironically showed up with earliar help me with my headache, some what ; her fake apologies didn't.

"That's great, the food will be ready soon, you can join the rest of the kids in the living room." Louise smiled,

I nodded and walked out the kitchen into the sitting area, where Rico, Celita, Jasmine, Jessy and Vita sat talking. When I walked in they stopped and greeted me.

"Heey Sugaa!" Celita yelled.

"Wassup sesssy!" Rico joined in

"Good morning y'all" I smiled

"Baby girl you feeling good?" Vita asked patting the free space between her and Jasmine.

slowly i walked over to the space and sat, I glanced at jasmine , who slightly smiled at me, I rolled my eyes.

"Yah, why?" I asked.

"You was kinda a mess last night" vita giggled and then added "at least we know who can't handle their liquor"

I giggled "I know, I'm not doing that again, my head is killing me."

"I hope you feel better" jasmine but in, I didn't bother to acknowledge Jasmine, she is starting to get on my nerves with this bullshit act of hers!

"I could only imagine, but you wasn't feeling nothing but that alcohol and Jessy last night" vita winked at me and nodded towards Jessy who sat on the other couch with Celita and Rico: on his phone.

I smiled slightly. "All we did was dance"
"Aha, yeah and swallow each other"

My eyes widened. "Your lying"

"Hell nah, jasmine saved yo ass right before y'all was finna do something, unforgettable" she said.

I frowned my eyebrows. "Well we were both drunk"

Vita chuckled "Jessy dont get drunk, he knows when he has had enough" vita told me about her brother. I turned to look at jasmine but she was nolonger sitting next to me,

She took me home, made sure I was safe, and then brought me pills in the morning. And I thanked her for that. And now I'm finding out that she stopped me from sleeping with her cousin. I shouldn't have even been entertaining Jessy, knowing that I have Dee. But I have been seconding guessing Deja's commitment to our 'relationship' . her Lil Ex as been getting a little 2 close lately and I don't like it. And I know Dee wouldn't like the fact that I almost fucked Jessy. what the fuck is wrong with me.

"Loreeennnn" vita waved her hand in my face.

"Your hair, you gon let me do it?" She asked.

"Oh um yeah, sure"

"COME GET YALL PLATES!!!" Teri yelled from in the kitchen, causing everyone to leave out the living room and head to the kitchen. We all got our food and ate.

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