Fluent Speech -Entry 5

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A/N: just in case your confused, the girls in the MM are pictures of Jas and Loren. Its just different pictures of them, I'm sure you all can put 2 and 2 together and know who is who. Just thought I should mention that. But CONTINUE Reading.


I tried to keep my composure, i didnt want to scream and be all happy and the scare her into never talking again.

"You spoke" I said astonished. She didn't say anything she looked down and started playing with her figures.

"Come on Loren, you already said something so you might as well just talk to me baby girl" I said with this kool-aid smile on my face. She didn't say anything still.

"Come on, lemme hear it. Pleaaaase" I whined.

"Your so annoying" she finnaly said. He vioce was cute and soft , she sounded like a 12 year old. I disregarded her slick comment and screamed excitedly.

"Oh my saantaa!" I yelled and practically tackled her off the bed. We both ended up on the ground dying laughing.

"Owe, punck ass that hurt" she said rubbing her elbow.

"Wow your mean when you talk" I said. She playfully rolled her eyes and got up sitting back on her bed. I did the same. I stared at her cheesing.

"What is wrong with you dude?" She asked.

"I'm just happy! You freaking TALKED! after almost 2 months you talked " I exclaimed.

"Its not the serious" she said obviously not as excited as I was. She seem bored with the situation , I guess she was upset with her self. She broke her promise . I needed her to be happy.

"And yes really" I said. She frowned her eyebrows "huh?"

"I do think your the cutest thing in the world. I have since the first time I saw you sitting on your porch " I said.

"That day you fell flat on your ass" she burst out laughing "that was funny". She added.

"That was embarrassing, imagine falling in front of a pretty girl" she looked down and blushed.

"Or guy, in your case  IG" I still didn't know if Loren was even a little bit into girls. But my comment made her uncomfortable, because she stopped blushing and pressed her lips together.

"So are you talking for good now?" I asked. Hoping for a yes.

"Well to you, yeah. But I will not speak to my mother. I refuse" she assured. I nodded. 

"What about Loura. You don't want her growing up without being able to talk to her older sister. It'll mess her up" I warned. Loren sighed.

"I know , I'll talk to her. When Its needed " she said. I shrugged. My eyes shifted to the clock on Lorens night stand. 1:45 . i gasped. I was suppose to go with my mom to take Oreo to the Vet at 2.

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