Silent Treatment -Jealousy- No Entry

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I hoped out the shower and dried off before i slipped into my denim high waisted Jeans , baby blue half top, and i put on my brown studded boots. I put my hair up into a neat bun and began putting on a little eyeliner.

I was getting ready to go to the mall with Jas, and her momma. I havent really talked to Jas since the lil conflict we had yesterday, but she texted me an hour ago to get ready, so her i am

Once I was finished I jogged down stairs and sat in the couch, my mom had left out for a job interview Jas momma had set her up on, and Loura was..... Shit loura.

I ran upstairs to my sisters room and saw her sitting on the bed looking at the TV.

"Hey LorLor" she greeted me. I smiled, I needed her to hurry and get ready so she could come with us. But I haven't talked to her, I haven't talked to anyone but Jas. And now we aren't even talking. Wow.

"Umm" I hummed.

"Hurry up and get ready, we finna go" I finally spoke, she hopped up out her bed and ran over to me.

"I'm so happy your not mad at me anymore Loren I missed you" she said , I frowned my eyebrows.

"Why did yu think I was mad."

"Because you wouldn't talk to me, you ignoured me." She looked down sadly, I suddenly felt bad.

"No baby girl im not mad at you, I just haven't been feeling well, but Now I'm better and we are gonna go shopping" I said.

"Again!" She cheesed since her n mom went shopping yesterday.

"Yes now go get dressed. Yu got 5 minutes!" I rushed

10 minutes later she ran out the closet dressed into capris and a hello kitty shirt. I smiled and we walked down stairs just in time. Cause the doorbell rang, we walked to the door and answered it reveling jasmine.

"Y'all ready?" She asked plainly before smiling at loura.


"lourr!" They exclaimed. As they hugged each other. Once they released Jas looked at me, then she walked away to her car. I sighed, loura followed her and I closed the house door. I then walked to the car and got in the back with Loura

"Hey girls" Teri , Jas's momma greeted us.

We smiled.

"Y'all readdy?" She asked.

"Yass" loura exclaimed I giggled. Jasmine drove, she glaced at me through the rare view mirror occasionally but never said a word. I started to feel horrible that she wasn't talking to me.

Soon we pulled up at Palm Beach mall, it was huge! Palm trees lined the sidewalks, and they were decorated. It was pretty, we all got out the car Loura helt Teri's hand and me and Jas walked behind them. Jasmine was glued to her phone.

The first store we went to was forever 21 , that had a lot of cute stuff that i liked. Right now I have a couple jeans and some tops to match and was headed to the dressing room, before Teri caught my attention.

"Here this is cute, go try it on" she said handing me a white dress. I smiled and walked into the dressing room.



I leaned against the dressing room stalls and texted Asia, she was telling me about some girl she met and like that didn't seem to be interested in her. Sounds like some shit I'm going Through. Im not talking to jasmine only because I'm finna fall back, she made it clear she don't like me yesterday and I'm gonna stop waisting my time. I need a learn that not all girls that I like is gonna like me. I need a get out of that habbit. I can get any girl I wanted at school because they knew me, Loren. Is different, and stubborn. I moved away from the dressing rooms once I heard a door opening.  Loren walked out in a white dress. It was fitted at the waist and flowy towards the bottom, it stopped mid thigh. It looked beautiful on her. She looked beautiful.

"Hey, where is your mom?" She asked. I shrugged.

"How do I look" she asked.

"Nice" I said plainly before walking away.

10 minutes later

I stood at the cash register in Forever 21. Flirting with the cashier. She was really cute with Curly hair, light skin, pink lips, hazel eyes. And her name is Jewls.

"Cute name" I complemented, she smiled and blushed.

"Even cuter smile" I chuckled. She giggled.

"Stop my cheeks are burning" she said, this is way to easy.

"Um can you please come do your job?!" I heard loren scowl at Jewls. Oh so she can talk to a complete stranger but it takes her 2 months to talk to me. Wow.

"Excuse me, some customers are really rude." Jewls said rolling her eyes.

"Maybe we can hang out when I'm not at work" she suggested, sliding me a piece of paper.

"Call me some time"

"Will do". She smiled and then turned to Loren, shipping and folding the clothes she was gonna buy. I walked  off and stood by the door, waiting for them to come, soon loura and my mom walked out the store, loren trailing behind them with two bags.

"You need some help?" I asked.

"Go help your friend" she rolled her eyes and walked away, I smirked. I know she isn't jealous. Ha! If she is that means she likes me. I speed walked so i could catch up to Loren.

"What you mean by that?" I asked.

"Don't do that , Jasmine.  You havnt talked to me all day, and you was just flirting with some girl, don't act all friendly now" she said.

"Why does me flirting with girls bother you, you aren't my girlfriend. And you said you didn't like me like that so"

"I said I wasnt gay"

"What's the difference?" I asked as we both stopped walking, she looked at me.

"Here, its heavy" she handed me her bags and then kept walking. I smirked. She likes me.

~hope you liked
~loren seems really confused!

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