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"Y'all childish yo! Me and Asia gon make mad money with the dance thing Friday" brielle bragged.

"Sure what ever. I'm not buying a ticket" Gianna said.

We were walking the board walk.

"Why not?" Asia asked.

"Cause that would be benefitting y'all"

"You an asshole " Tay laughed.

"Anyways, your buying a ticket right Loren?" Bri asked.

"No im sorry. Ill be in time square by then" is what i wanted to say.

But in stead I smiled. "Ofcourse. Can't wait to watch y'all show out"

"RIIGHT!' brielle semi yelled causing us to laugh.

I hated pretending like everything was normal, laughing and giggling with them as if I wasn't leaving tomorrow.
I should of been saying my goodbyes, hugging and kissing everyone, instead of making plans for Friday.

I was going to miss them all, especially Jasmine. We have been through so much and I would hate for me to disappear on her while we weren't on speaking terms. I love her so much. But my love for her won't stop me from being happy. I need a do this for me.

For a second I pulled asia aside from everybody else's.

"Wassup?" She asked confused.

"Do you know where Jas is?" I asked

"She should be at home. Told me she didn't feel well." Asia frowned at me. "You know she still loves you Loren no matter how dramatic the last few days have been for you too. It doesn't change how she feels about you"

"I know, and that's why I want to do something special for her tonight. But I need your help" I said.

She raised an eyebrow. "I don't know anything about being romantic, you gotta ask Bri , she's good with all the sweet stuff" asia started cheesing.

I smiled at her but shock my head. "No. I need you to help me be sexy asia, like what to wear and stuff" I said.

Then suddenly she started to smirk. "Then you came to the right girl"

"So you'll help?!"

"Of course, and I know exactly what jasmine likes."

I bit down on my lip, I didnt know exactly what I was going to get my self into. But as long as it made jasmine happy for the night, I would do anything.


"You look like a Playboy Bunny" asia cheesed.

"Ughh, I don't wanna look cute asia, I wanna look sexy" I said plopping down on my bed. It was not 8:30 pm on a Tuesday, I know Jasmine goes to sleep early because of Basketball practice.

"You do look sexy girl but you have a baby face, no matter what you do, your gonna look cute" asia said.

I sighed. " I guess"

"Okay look, your wearing lingerie. Your make-up is flawless, Loren your sexy. And Jasmine is Like obsessed with you."

"I know, but how am I going walk into her house like this, what if Teri answers the door." I asked.

"Shit, we didn't really think this through huh?" She asked. I shock my head.

"Forget it. Asia, I'm not even feeling this idea anymore"

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