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(A.n I didn't know wat to name this chapter sooooo lol yeah the name aint got nothing to do with nothing)



I pulled on my 'Pink' Victoria secret sweater to cover my bruised wrist and jogged downstairs. It was 3:54 and Louras bus will be outside at 4:05 . once I got downstairs I saw my mom and Teri about to leave.
"I was just going to send for you" Elana said. She glanced at Jasmine who sat on the couch. I looked down at my hand.
"We are gonna go now. We will be back later alright" my mom said. I nodded.
"See you later sweetness. " Teri said to me. I smiled.
"Jas remember to feed Oreo if I'm not back before 5:30 okay" she added.
"I know ma" Jasmine said pulling out her phone.
"Bye baby" mommy kissed my forehead and then her and Teri walked out.
"I'm hungry, you trying to get me something to eat?" Jasmine spoke to me. She got some nerve breathing a word to me after she hurt me.
"Fuck you" I barked before I walked out my house. And started walking up the block to meet my sister at her busstop. I was early so o sat on the curb and pulled out my phone to play candy crush when Dee texted me.

"Baby. Conditioning is over. I'm coming to see you" she texted. I smiled faintly at the text. Maybe all I need right now is to be in her arms , and forget about Jasmine

"Okay babe. I'll be outside waiting" I replyed and pulled up the candy crush app.


"How was school Loura?" I asked her as we walked back to the house.
"Fun! We did finger paintings of turkeys for thanksgiving and I eat leaf sugar cookies." She exclaimed. I giggled.
"Sounds fun"
"It was!" She skipped. Loura is always so happy and cheerful just like I was when I was her age. When daddy was still around.
I sighed and brushed the memories away as we reached home.
"Go on inside Lour. Jasmine and Oreo is inside. Oreo is in my room asleep. You can wake her up and play. But you have to change out of your school clothes first" I said.
"Okay okay!" She sang and practically ran into the house. I smiled and sat on the pourch. And waited for Dee. It was hot as hell outside and I had on this damn sweater. I pulled up the arms of my sweater and looked at my wrist again. I just couldn't believe the bruises were there. And Jasmine put them there. I  never would of thought we would of ended up like this. I thought she would have been the one to love me and make me forget about all the shit Dwayne did to me. But all she did was give me another reason to believe that I'm not worth much to anyone. I will never be happy and cheerful like my sister again.

My eyes over flow with water as my thoughts took the best of me. My tears hitting my burning wrist.

"Aye" someone spoke to me and I quickly pulled my sweater sleeves down and whipped my tears quickly once I realized it was Jasmine.
"What?" I said harshly.
"I'm finna slide. Watch oreo and yo sister." She said stepping off the pourch. She turned and looked at me.
"Its to damn hot to be wearing that shit" she said referring to my sweater. I tugged at my sleeve and just stared at her. She looked at my hands and then back at my face. She ran her tongue over her teeth.
"I'll be back" she said.
"No take yo ass home. Yo momma will bring Oreo home when she gets back." I said. Jasmine stared at me. I'm not going to lie , I am a little scared. I'm scared she would snap again and really hurt me . but I wasn't gonna let her know that. I don't want her to think that I'm weak and she can just beat on me like Dwayne did. Ima hit her ass back the next time she touch me!

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