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Well I know you all really want a sequal or a book 2. And I do plan on writing one.

The thing is I do have 3 other book that I plan on updating more frequently now that I have finished this one.

Silent Diaries : Book 2 will be out in 2 weeks (around May 10th-15th)

Until then, if you all have any questions about the characters or for the characters , you may comment your questions and I will write a chapter answering the questions in the that characters POV.

I also wanna thank everyone for reading and voting, and those who commented constantly, I wish I remembered all your names, but if you commented you know who you are. I love all my readers and supporters. Thank you!! Y'all really do motivate me to keep writing.

Read my other stories if you please. Follow me. Pm me.

And stay on the look out for the 2nd book


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