My First Date

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(Deja in the media)



"She said to dress casual. Like how I always dress Bri" I whined.
"But this is cute and you really don't know where she is taking you" bri held up the white dress I got when me and Jas went school shopping. I was getting ready for the date Dee was taking me on and I'm very nervous. I have never been on a real date before. But I'm relived Gigi and Brielle is here to help me.

"Knowing Deja , she's just gonna take you to get ice cream and walk on the beach. Cheap and easy" Gianna said harshly. I looked at her sadly. Ever since that day we had sex she has been very bitter.

"Dont listen to her ass Loren. Deja likes you a lot. And if she likes you she will spend every last penny on you. Gianna is just bitter she ain't get asked out on a date when they first met" bri said.
"Fuck a date. I got what I wanted when we first met. Now look were we at now. We are best of friends" Gianna said sarcastically and rolled her eyes.
"Gigi what's wrong. It sounds like you don't want me to go out with Dee" I said sadly. She looked at me for a second. Before she sighed.
"I do Loren. Deja is a good girl. I'm just pissed I got played that's all. I really liked Cam you know." She explained. I nodded.
"She just doesn't know how special you are Gigi. She will be back" I soothed.
"Yeah. I guess. But let's get you ready. I'll do your hair" GI offered. I smiled.
"Finally some fucking help. Your wearing the dress. And you can wear some fucking boots or something if yu wanna be casual so bad" Bri said sternly.
"Yes papi" I joked.
"Aye, I like it when you call me big Papa" bri sang and did this weird ass dance. I burst out laughing.
"Your slow"
"Lemme be slow den. But I know you finna hurry up and get in this dress. "
I groaned and got off my bed. I took the dress from Bri and took off my robe, I had on my undergarments already. So I just put on the dress.


"YAAAAAAS!!" Bri shouted.
"You look cute asf" she added. I turned around in the mirror.
"Do I?" I asked a little unsure.
"Is my hair okay. I mean I don't wear it down a lot. Doesn't it look weird" I worried. Gigi had flat ironed my hair and French braided the sides to the back, so my hair would stay out my face.
"You look beautiful Loren" gianna said as she slipped her hands around my waist and looked at me through the mirror.
"I do huh" I smiled.
"Awee that was a cute little picture" brielle said looking at her phone after taking a picture of us.
Gianna kissed her teeth and let me go. She sat on my bed.

"I'm gonna text Dee and tell her your ready" Bri said.
"Okay". Bri walked out the room. I sat on the bed next to Gigi and started nibbling on my bottom lip.
"Why are you nervous. " GI asked reading me.
"I'm not nervous" I said quickly.
"Come on loren I'm your best friend. I know when your nervous. You always nibble on your lip and talk really fast" she said. I giggled cause she was right.
"Well I have never been on a date before honestly. What f I slip up and do something stupid. Or I trip and fall and embarrass my self. Or I say something to make her mad" I worried.
"Stop lor. You'll be fine. The good thing is you and Dee are already friends. Your used to being around each other. She likes you already so just be your self Loren. Just be you" Gigi said rubbing my back.
"Okay. Thanks GI" I said. She smiled.
"Any time" she kissed my check and stood up. She held out her hand and I took it. She helped me stand and then we walked out my room and down stairs. My mom and Loura was at jasmines house to have dinner with Teri. I refused to go whether Jasmine was gonna be there or not. I told my mom I was going out instead and it was okay with her.

"Dee is outside. She said she doesn't want to come inside." Bri said.
"Why not" I frowned my eyebrows. Bri shrugged. I looked at GI. She just rolled her eyes and walked into my kitchen. I sighed.
"Okay well dont break anything y'all" I said. Bri giggled
"Don't worry. We will hold down the fort" she said.
"Yeah. And no weed! My mom will trip" I warned.
"I remember. We are just gonna chill. Maybe order some pizza or something. Go have fun Lil nigget" Bri said I giggled.
"You and that word"
"Everybody gon be saying it one day!" She assured
"Okay okay. Love you bye" I hugged her and then walked out the door. Once I started walking down the drive way. Dee got out her car and jogged to the passenger side.

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