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I decided to go and see Asia tonight instead of in the morning because I really wanted to ask her something.

When I knocked on her front door, I didn't get an answer, so I assumed she was in the shower, and I checked the door , it was unlocked so I let my self in.

I went right upstairs because if she was downstairs she would a answered the door, I walked towards the bathroom, but stopped when I heard talking coming from Asia's bedroom.

I frowned my eyebrows and started to knock on the door but I stopped myself. Instead I slowly opened in my self.

When I saw her and Tkay hand in hand inches apart i wanted to slap the shit outa the both of them. But instead, I leaned against the door way and folded my arms.

I stood there for about a minute unacknowledged and I got irritated, watching them get closer and closer.

"DO YOU MIND GETTING THE FUCK OUT!?" I finnaly yelled.

They both looked in my directions, tkay quickly stepped way from asia and rubbed the back of her neck.

"Wassup Bri?" She asked.

"The door!" I hissed back

"Riiight.... I'll catch you later Asia" Tkay said before rushing past me,

I gave my attention to asia, she looked at me , and I raised my eyebrow at her, I was pissed.

"Look babe, it wasn't wat it looked like for real" was wat she said.

I shock my head and smiled. "Yo I'm not even gonna trip. Cause I knew how you was Asia, I must of been damn stupid to think you was only fa me" I said.

"No Brielle I am, I was just telling-"

"Look yeen gotta explain your self, we not even much together, you don't owe me shit, I don't even get why I'm mad right now yo" I shock my head, chuckling.

"Just listen to me, we wasn't doing anything, I called her over here to-"

"Yeah okay, I should get going. Talk to you. When Eva" I said putting my hand up.
I then turned around and left. I wasn't stupid, I saw what I saw. And even if I wasn't as serious as it looked I still wasn't gonna let asia feel like it was okay.

If she really likes me she will come back, but I want her to want me, as bad as I have been wanting her for the last 4 years. And until I feel that want from her she won't hear from me.



Rolled over in bed feeling for jasmine next to me.

I slowly opened my eyes when I didn't feel her body. I sat up frowning , and looked around the room.

The sun was up and shining bright into the room. I sat up on the bed.

Telling my self that Jasmine could of been in the bathroom, or feeding her dog, no matter where she was this is her room and she will be back.

But that thought only kept me confident for about 3 minutes, and then I started to worry again.

Until the door was kicked open. And something ran into the room.

"Move , yah damn dog!" Jasmines voice sounded in the room. I smiled and looked at her, she stood in the door way with a tray of food in her hand.

"Oh, Good morning beautiful" she smiled at me.

"Good morning" I smiled.

"I thought you would be hungry" she said.
"Just set in on the night stand and come'er " I said.

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