Bigger than That

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I walked out of the front office. After the bell rang. They had me sitting in B.I.C the whole day. I had a lot of time to think about what has been going on the past few days with me and Loren. I'm really tired of it. And I am dead ass wrong for what I said to her. But how else was I suppose to express a feeling that I have never felt before. Its hard to handle new emotions that you have spend so many years avoiding. I'm going to Apologize to Loren today. I just hope she will forgive me and give me another chance. I damn sure will change my ways if she does forgive me.

I walked out to the students parking lot to find my car. I didn't offer to give Asia a ride home, only cause I knew she had dance practice. And I'm kinda on a mission. I pressed the open button on my keys and heard my car honk. When I found it.  I swear I almost blow my top.

"What the living fuck!" Yelled as I started at my car. It looked like a fucking rainbow , covered in paint . my tint and rims were ruiened.

I felt my heart racing and I swear steam was coming through my ears. I got in the car and turned on the windscreen wash and whisper. I watched the paint run off my windshield.

"Washable" I scoffed and ran my fingers through my hair. I promise if loren and her bitch ass friends did this, I'll shove my apology up her ass. I pulled out my phone and dialed Lorens number.

I took a deep breath relieving my anger.

Lorens phone rang out and went to voice mail. And I left a message.



"That bitch finna shit bricks when she see her car" Tay laughed. I chuckled.
"For real, but that's what her ass get. That bulling shit was not finna slid" I said. We was driving back to Tay's house. I was driving.
"What she did to loren really upset you huh?" He said. I glaced at him.
"Yes it did. And it should of upset you too, she used to treat Gi like that. Don't you remember" I brought up.
"Yeah, but GiGi knows how to defend herself. She did beat the shit out Jasmine that one time" he chuckled.
I laughed along with him.
"If we ain't pull her off of ole girl, ion think Jas would still be here, and Gianna would been lock up for brutal assault and murder" we laughed.

We pulled up at Tay's house, he open his front door and we walked in.

Gianna was sitting on her couch in gym pants and a sports bra, her hair up Ina ponytail and she wore brown uggs on her feet. I shock my head at her attire.
"Aye bitch " I greeted her. She looked in my direction and smile.
"You always coming in my house with that disrespectful shit" she said. I rolled my eyes.
"Hey sis" Tay said, she nodded and Tay walked into the kitchen, hungry ass. I plopped down in the couch next to her.

"You trying to tell me why you left outta school?" I asked. She looked at me and kissed her teeth. Her whole attitude changed , I know she was irritated with the subject. But I still wanted to know.

"Suh tell Mi how di gal weh , mi didda mess wid Fi all moss year now a fuck smaddi else" she said quickly in Patios (jamacain)
"Mane calm down, and slow down niggah. You know I Cant understand that shit when you talk fast"  she took a deep breath.
"Mane Cam. Bro some bitch sent me some bullshit message,off of cams phone talking bout I need a leave her girl alone. And last time I check I was the only one Camryn was talking to. But in reality her ass been in a relationship with some other girl for 3 years" she explained I shock my head.
"That's crazy" I said.
"Yeah, n I thought I was just starting to catch feelings for the bitch" she groaned.
"So you came home and got high" I said eyeing the dead blunt on her coffee table.
"Yeah , me and loren" she said. I frowned my eyebrows.

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