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"Shit, that's a long story" I huffed

"Well we do got all night. Cut it short" she insisted.

I sighed at Lorens eagerness to find out about the source of me and Gianna's issues.

"Okay well, back in middle school days, we was really cool. She was one of my closest friends, along with Asia. We would spend the night at each others houses, go out together, shit like that. The only issue was that Tayvion didn't like me. He hated that I was gay, only because I tried to talk to his girlfriends. But I only did that to piss him off. Over time Gianna started liking me. Some people say I turned her out. It wasn't my plan to have my close friend falling for me but it happened. I told her I didn't feel the same and I hope this doesn't ruin our friendship." I started telling Loren my story.

"Your the first girl Gianna liked " Loren gasped . I shrugged.

"Well yeah, I didn't make a big deal out if the situation, but she did, saying that she couldn't just be friends with me and pretend like she didn't have feelings for me. So she kept her distance from me and Asia. It was pretty said. We missed her company. Until 9th grade year. When me and Asia started to get a lot of attention from our peers" I said.

"Cause you joined the basketball team and Asia was on the dance team?" Loren asked. I nodded.

"Gianna tried out for the team that year too. But she didn't make it. I constantly tried to talk to her and let her know there was always next year, but she would just ignore me. Eventually I stopped trying to be her friend again, and she found her own group of friends, you know Deja and them?"

Loren nodded attentively as I spoke.

"Well I started hanging around my team meats and some other well known people around the school. Most of them where bullies, they picked and belittled some of the students, Gianna was one of them , at first I would just stand in the back and watch them mess with her. She didn't want my help, she didn't even want my friendship, so I stood there. As a bystander watching my ExFriend get bullied and beat up. "

"Wow. That's Sad Jas" loren frowned
"That's not even the worst part. Over time Gianna would give me dirty looks around school and talk about me behind my back, and that enraged me. So I started to join in on the constant harassing her. Calling her names, tripping her in the hallways, pushing her around. Being that Gianna knew me she didn't take my bullying lightly. She fought back. I don't know how many times we got suspended for fighting over nothing. Sometimes our fights got really brutal , I went to the hospital once, and I dislocated her shoulder before. Over our highschool years we either fought or avioded each other a presence, once we where in the same room, the tention gets high and nothing nice is said." I finished.

"Woooow" Loren dragged in disbelief.

"That's crazy Jasmine, how y'all went from close friends to like mortal enemies, all because some feelings were hurt" she added.

Once again I shrugged. "That wasn't my fault , nobody told her to catch feelings , I didn't force her to like me or to like pussy in General. She took that opon her self. She thought I had the same feelings for her. But that wasn't the case" I shock my head to my self.

Its a shame how feelings can ruin a friend ship like that. Every time I think about it, I get sick to my stomach.

"So you did me the use way you did Gianna" loren said

I frowned at loren. "Watchu mean?"

"Well you know how I was feeling about you, but you used me and told me I was just a fuck, and then you joined in with your friends on torturing me ." she explained.
My frown deeped and a wave of regret came over me.

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