My First... ❤

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"NO STOP!, LET ME THE FUCK GO!!" i screamed, tring my hardest to get away from him.

"you all thought you could pack up nd run away huh. lil bitch yall can run, but never hind from me!"

"NO, Please! HELLPP!" i screamed

"and whos coming to help you?" he laughed sinistely

"nobody is gonna come save a useless peice of shit like you " he throw me on the grownd and pinned me down, ripping off my clothes



"STO-" i jumped out of my sleep, breathing heavy. i sighed once i realived the it was just a dream, i looked around, noticing i was still on the beach, with jasmine. her arm was secure around my waist. i smiled slightly.

"you okay loren?" she asked, her voice low and sexy .

"yeah, just a bad dream" i sighed.

she removed her hand from around my waist and stretched sitting up.

"about what?" she asked.

"um, i was being chased by zombiee vampires, you know the usual nightmares" i lied.

jasmine chuckled. "i havent ever had a nightmare"

"really?" i asked.

"yeah, thats only because i know better than to watch scary movies at night before i sleep"

i giggled. "your a pussy"

"i am what i eat" she smirked. i rolled my eyes playfully. and looked out at the water, the sun was just raising.

"thats so pretty" i said in awe.

"just like you" jasmine complemented. i looked down blushing.

its ashame even after all these weeks of me hating her , her littlest complements still made me blush.

"it should be like 5 now, we should head inside" jasmine said getting up.

"yeah, and im hungry" i said, jasmine helped me up.

"your always hungry, you just ate a whole lotta junk food not even 5 hours ago"

"5 hours ago is ike 5 years without food!" i exaggerated.

jasmine laughed. "alright come on, lets see if we can go raid the fridge before Nana wakes up and starts cooking thanksgiving dinner" she said.

"alright" i giggled and ran behind Jasmine to the back door of the Villa.

she slide the glass door open and told me to shush. i was almost weak laughing. im not a very sneaky person.

i followed closely behind jasmine as she inched towards the kitchen.

"why the hell are you too creeping around so early?" Teri stopped us, she had a huge smile on her face.

"umm... mom. Loren said she was hungry and came up with this bright idea of getting something to eat" jasmine said, i giggled and slapped her arm

"is that so?" teri asked looking at me, she seemed amused with the fact that we were sneaking around together.

"yes thats wat we are doing" i said.

"alright, well hurry, you know how Nana feels about the kitchen when she starts cooking" teri said.

"okay" jasmine laughed and we quickly walked to the kitchen and grabbed anything we could get our hands on, then we ran to jasmines room, when we were finished i was exhausted

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