Sorry Excuses

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AN:(loura in media )



I almost feel off the bed , trying to go after loren. She was already out my room by the time I tried running after her.

I ran down stairs to see my mom grabbing her phone and keys.

"Did you see lor-"

"She said somebody is going to hurt somebody. Go put on your shoes, and run over there, I'm gonna call the police" my eyes widened at my moms words. But I did as I was told.

I ran back upstairs and grabbed the first pair of sneakers I saw. Throwing them on in record time. I ran out the house.



"Miss me?"

I cringed at his voice. I stood there frozen in shock. My heart racing, already short of breath from me rushing over here. I felt as if someone was squeezing my lungs, I felt like passing out.

I looked at him. He stood with a wicked smirk on his face, eyes filled with amusement and anger.
Next to him stod my sister, my poor sister , standing there , next to this devil. With an innocent smile on her face.

How did he find us. Elana promised h- .... Elana.

My eyes roamed around the room. Searching for my mom, once I saw her sprawled out on the floor, I let out a terrifying cry. And rushed over to her body.

"Mom! MOM!" I cried shacking her body, hoping she would wake up. She had blood leaking out the side of her head.


The smirk he wore so well turned into an angry scowl. Quickly moving over to me, he snatched me up away from my mom and in one swift movement slammed me against the wall.

"DADDY!!" loura cried out in horror.

With Dwayne's hand tightly wrapped around my neck, I started to gag, as I tried to pry his hands off.

"no please stop! Your hurting me!!" I cried

"You must of forgot who you was talking to bitch! Run away for a couple months and y'all really thought y'all could hide from me?!" He yelled in my face, tightening his grip on my neck, I desperately in need of air. He was sucking the life out of me, my air ways started to close up, my eyes began to pop out a my head.

"Yo momma. That bitch ain't dead yet ! Ima make her suffer for trying to run away from me! ...... As of for you" he chuckled.

"IMA make you m-"

"WHAT THE FUCK! GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM HER!" a voice I knew to well yelled.

Dwayne chuckled evily. "Who's this?"

Jasmine walked further into the living room.

"Your worst fucking nightmare, now get tf away from her!" She yelled.

I tried to shack my head :no. But Dwayne still had is right hand around my neck, his left positioned on his waist.

"Bitch I am your night mares, come any closer and I'll blow your fucking brains out!" Dwayne yelled, pulling the gun out and pointing it at jasmine. Who put her hands up.

She looked at me, her eyes filled with water.

"AAHHHHH!!!" loura screamed, once she saw the gun. Why would he do this , in front of her. He was going to kill my mom, and do what only god knows to me. And now Jasmine was here, shell probably get hurt too.

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