What they dont know

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I picked at my food and while I thought about this trip I was going on with Jasmine them. I haven't told anyone, not even Deja, and I was with her all day yesterday. She took me to Orlando and we went to Lands of Adventures, Disney World, and Sea world. She bought me this cute necklace , its a silver heart with my name encrusted in it, we also got matching mickey jackets that we were wearing now. I had lot of fun with Dee and really brightens me day. But I just couldn't find the courage to tell my girlfriend, and my friends that I was going on a trip to Hawaii with the girl they can't stand. How the hell do you bring that up? 'You don't Loren'. My sub conscience purred my solution. Maybe I won't tell them that I'm going with Jas, I'll just leave out that tiny detail.

"LOREN!!" Giana snapped me out of my thoughts.
"You have been staring into space the whole time we have been talking, baby girl. Wassup?" Brielle questioned. Everyone was looking at me waiting for an answer. Maybe this is that time.

"Oh nothing, I was just thinking about this weekend" I said.
"Oh yeah, me too, I'm nervous." Mike said, speaking about his brothers wedding, mike did invite us all to come to the wedding and wat him and Bri dance, but I won't be attending.
"You'll do fine Mike, you have had the best teacher" Bri flattered herself
"Yeah, I'm just glad y'all will be there" mike said.
"Umm, I won't be able to come" I said, once again everyones eyes were on me.
"Why not?" Tay asked.
"I'm going on a trip"
"Where" Deja butted in.
"To Hawaii"
"Why??" Asked GiGi.
"For thanksgiving, my mom is taking me and Loura for the holiday" i said.
"You going to see Family in Hawaii?" Bri continued the questions.
"Nah, its just my mom is off for the holiday and she wanted us to get away, you know vacation I guess. Plus I really don't have any other family" I lied through my teeth.
"We are your family" deja said wrapping her arms around me. I smiled slightly.
"So has momma E ever thought about taking your best friend to hawaii with yall?" GI asked grinning, I giggled.
"Hell no!"
"Awee" GI pouted.
"Well we will miss you LorLor" Tay said.
"I KNOOOW!!" I yelled. They started laughing.



After school I drove to Asia's house, she didn't come to school today. She told me she wasn't feeling well this morning. So I brought her some chocolate, knowing that she loves it.
I knocked on her front door, and within seconds, my baby was standing in front of me, with sweats and a tank top on, her hair up in a bun , she wasn't wearing any makeup but she still looked flawless.
"Hey baby" she smiled , letting me in.
"Wassup" I walked further into her house. Asia closed her front door and then told me to sit, we both sat on her couch.
"I missed you today" I said, she smiled.
"Did you really?"
" yeah, how you feeling?" I asked.
" I felt sick earlier, I'm good now though"
"Good, I gotchu some chocolate" I said handing her the giant Hershey bar I bought. She started cheesing.
"Thanks baby!" He exclaimed.
"But.." Asia put the chocolate bar on the coffee table.
"Your the only chocolate I want right now" she added claiming into my lap, I smirked. And placed my palms on her ass.
"Then have me then" I whispered seductively into her ear.
Kissing me she sneacked her hands under my shirt as she grinded on me, my body started to heat up as I grew wet, Asia pulled away from my lips and began kissing on my neck and collar bone, I let out soft moans. As pleasure filled my body.
In one swift motion Asia took my shirt off. And I pulled off hers, laying her back in the couch, i kissed and sucked on her neck and trailed down to her cleavage. I slipped my hand into Asia's sweatpants and rubbed her clit through her panties, she moaned and I pulled her panites to the side and slipped my finger into her wetness. Asia moaned loudly as my finger penetrated in her,
"Ahha Right there!" Asia moaned out, I smirked and added another finger, speeding up my paste.
But suddenly I stopped, once we heard someone knock on her door.
"You expecting someone?" I asked.
"No, lemme go see who it is" she said. I sighed and pulled my fingers our of her. Asia got up and walked to her door opening it. I sat up in the couch and watched as jasmine walked in, I instantly grew irritated.
"I didn't see you in school and I wanted to check in on you" Jas said,
"I'm good Jasmine, thanks" asia said. Jasmine looked at me and then smirked.
"I'm sorry , was I interrupting something?" She asked. I looked at asia , she was blushing.
"Nah, I was just leaving" I said getting io, grabbing my shirt.
"No babe! " Asia stopped me.
"Babe?" jasmine said.
"You don't have to leave Bri,stay, please" she pouted, I smiled.
"Alright fine"
"So what, you fucking with her now?" Jasmine asked.
"I told you I liked her" they spoke about me.
"Okay but I ain't think you was serious Asia"
"Well now you see that I am" asia plopped down on her couch and I sat next to her. Jasmine stared at me.
"Fuck you looking at?" I asked. She smirked.
"You and?!"
"You really be testing my patients bitch, I ain't scared to slap the shit out a you" I barked.
"Can y'all just stop, please! Damn" asia butted in.
"She started it" Jas said.
"You was fuckibg looking at me like you had a problem"
"Look here girl, ion gt no problem with you, I have a problem with who you chill with. But right now you is with my best friend and she seems to like yo fuck ass for some reason, so I will keep my calm" she said.
"If you got a problem with my peoples , you got one with me too. But gon head , keep yo calm, lemme know when your ready to get hype" I said,Jasmine chuckled and sat in the couch in front of us.
"She fiesty Asia" Jas said.
"And I like it" Asia bit her lip at me, I smirked.
"Okay y'all cute or what ever, but asia I came came to ask if you are going to help me pack tomorrow" Jas said.
"Yeah, after school, I'll stop by" asia said.
"Yeen got practice?" Jas asked.
"Nah, me and Brielle is having auditions tomorrow and Saturday for dancers " asia explained,
"Sounds cool"
"Can you dance?" I asked out of the blue.
"Not the technical shit asia do, but I can do a Lil sumn sumn" Jas joked moving her shoulders. I giggled.
"No she can't dance, all she can do is grind" asia said.
"Shit IMA champ at that" Jasmine laughed.
"Who isn't" I added laughing.
"Right, but I'm hungry, you trying to order sumn asia" Jas asked.
"Hell nah, I have been in the house all day, let's go get sumn" asia suggested.
"Alright. Let's go" Jas got up and looked at me,
"You sliding?" She asked. I opened my mouth to answer but Asia answered for me.
"Yes, she is comming" asia pulled me up off the couch.
"I guess I'm comming", I smiled , I grabbed my keys and we headed out, asia rode with me and I followed Jas to Sonic.


"What time do y'all leave out?" Asia asked jasmine about the trip she was going on.
"Our flight is at 12am, so we should leave out around 10" Jas said.
"Where you going?" I questioned.
"Hawaii" jasmine said,
"Wow that's a coincidence" I said
"Watchu mean" Jas frowned her eyebrows.
"I mean my friend,Loren is going there too, Saturday" jasmine kissed her teeth.
" I know, it's suppose to be a family trip, and my mom wanna up and invite her and her damn family" she said.
"So Loren and her people is going on the trip with y'all" I clarified.
"Yep, a week of sharing a villa condo with her and her peoples" i shock my head. Loren said she and her family was going on vacation. She didn't mention nothing about going with Jasmine, I know damn well Deja nor GI would like the sound of that. But that isn't any of my business.
"Sounds fun" I smiled.
"My ass"
"Shut up Jas, you know you like that girl, you want her to go as bad as you want to fuck her again" asia blurted out.
"AGAIN?" my eyes widened.
"Ops" Asia giggled
"mane asia yo big ass mouth. N it ain't even like that no more." Jasmine said.
"I have lost interest in her" she added, I wasn't convinced though. If Jasmine and loren had something going on at one time, that would explain the intense stares they gave each other, the Lil tactics they played with each other, and the hole bruises thing. If Jasmine has feelings for Loren still , I'm damn near sure Loren feels the same way.
"Feelings flee that fast huh?" Asia asked.
"Yup!" Jas said before she got up from the table and walked to the bathroom.
"Wow" I said and turned to asia, she was smirking.
"Why'd you do that?" I asked. She giggle.
"She interrupted us earlier" i smirked.
"We can finish". I said.
"Right now?" She asked.
"Yeah" i grabbed her hand and pulled her up, I lead her out of sonic and back to my car. I opened the back seat door and told her to get it
"Oh, you nasty" she giggled as she got in the car, I climbed in too, and proceeded to finish what I started.

~Saturday Morning ~9:30~



"Can you at least help me with my stuff damn!" I barked as jasmine, I was struggling to get my bags down the stairs and she sat her ass on the couch and pretended like she didn't hear me.
"No one told you to pack so much shit" she hissed.
"Look bitch I don't even wanna go on this damn trip"
"Then stay your ass here, ain't nobody forcing yo ass to come" she said getting up off the couch.
"Can you just come help me, you always gotta be an asshole"
"Ask you girlfriend to help you, I'm not entitled to do shit for you" jasmine looked dead at me , before she chuckled and walked away.
"Ughh!" I groaned and kicked my bags down the stairs, I felt bad, why am I taking my anger out on my stuff when I should take it out on jasmines face. I jogged down the strais, I grabbed 2 of my 4 bags and carried them outside, to the van Teri rented to take us to the air port. Everyone's stuff were in the van but mines.
"Jas! Go help loren with her bags!" Teri yelled at Jas, who was leaning against the van on her phone.
"Mane she don't need no help" jasmine said.
" GIRL IF YOU DONT MOVE YO ASS" Teri yelled, jasmine kissed her teeth I smirked. She walked over to me.
"Gimmi the shits" she said snatching the bags away from me.
"You better move yo ass" I laughed. She rolled her eyes and took my bags to the van, I got my other 2 and put them in my self. A few minutes later we were on our way to the airport, I texted Dee and GI the whole ride they were getting ready for the wedding while I was trapped in a car with the bitch we all hate.

"Jasmine when we get to hawawii I want you on your best behavior, anywhere you go with your cousins, you take loren you hear me" Teri said.
"What why?" Jasmine asked.
"Cause I said so !"
"Thats fine Teri. I don't want to be a damper on her vacation" I said politely. Jasmine looked at me, I rolled my eyes.
"Alright ma, everywhere I go, I'll drag loren along with me, we will have lots of fun" sarcasm spoke clearly out of Jasmine's mouth.
"I said its fine" I said through my teeth.
"Don't be shy lor, I'll show you all the hot spots in Hawaii" jasmine smirked, nothing about jasmine is sincere, and I wasn't feeling to good about being with her for a week.
"Great" I signed and looked out the window.

~hope you liked
~Brielle knows a lot now, she could cause a lot of damage


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