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(A.n: Asia in media)



Me and Asia walked into tropical smoothie. We walked up to the register and waited for someone to come give us service. I leaned against to table and looked towards the door.
"Whatchu want?" Asia asked me. I shrugged.
"What ever you getting" I said. She nodded and I turned my attention to the door that just opened. And a couple girls walked in. One was light skin with blonde and brown hair , she had a nose piercing. She wore a crop top and shorts. The other was brown skin , she had curly shoulder length hair , with snake bites in her lip. She wore light blue ripped skinnies and a half top with white and black Jays. They was both cute asf.
"I gotchu a chicken wrap and a mango smoothie" asia said stealing my attention.
"Thanks " I said. She smiled and walked to an empty table and sat. I followed her. The 2 girls walked by us , the light skin one smiles at me and I flashed one back. The girls walked up to the register and I couldn't help but watch them walk away.
"Their is cute" asia said. I looked at her.
"Not as cute as you" I smirked. She playfully rolled her eyes. I sat across from asia.
"No, come sit next to me" she said. I did as I was told, asia pulled my chair closer to hers.
"Watchu doing?" I asked.
"Your here with me. And them cute girls need a know that" she said. I smiled.
"Awe that's cute" I giggled.
"I don't see why she keeps looking over here. We are both sweaty and shit" Asia's irritation leaked through her voice.
"She's looking over here ,cause I'm sexy asf" I flipped my weave. Asia started laughing dramatically.
"You thought!" She fake laughed.
"So I'm not sexy Asia?" I asked.
"You iiiight" she lied. I turned my body so I was facing her.
"Me. Brielle. I'm not sexy?" I said.
"Nopeee" she kepted up her act.
"Okay then. I guess I'll go talk to one of those girls. They seem to find me very attractive" I said pretending to gather my things.
"Nooo" Asia laughed.
"Your very sexy Bri. Your fine asf" she added. I cleared my throat .
"I know. Yeen had to tell me " I smirked. Asia slapped my arm. I smiled.
"But for real. Your very sexy too" I said.
"Awe fr. With my sweaty arm pits she shit" she said lifting up her arm. I laughed.
"Eww put that away!" I said. She giggled.

I was having fun just chilling with Asia. There is a lot more to her once you get to know her. That bitchy act she puts up at school. Isn't the real asia. I can see that now.

~Next Day~

Gianna's POV

I slammed my car door and jogged up Lorens drive way. I had skipped school and today for no reason I just didn't feel like looking at the fuck ass teachers faces. Its 2:20 and I know Loren would be home from school, I missed her. So I stopped by her house on my way to practice.

"Hey GI" Ms.Elana said once she saw me at the door.
"Hey ma" I smiled at her.
"Loren is up in her room"
"Thanks" I said before making my way up the stairs to Lorens room. I knocked on her door but didn't get an answer so I let my self in. She wasn't in her room but I heard the shower running so I sat on her bed and waited for her to come out the bathroom.

"You caant raise a maaan , he's already grown-" loren sang as she walked out the bathroom. She stopped once she saw me sitting on her bed. She was wrapped in a towel.
"Ummm hey GI" she said. I smiled.
"Wassup" I said. She nodded and walked to her closet.
"Where were you today?" She asked me.
"Home. Sleep" I said
"Typical" she giggled. I rolled my eyes and smiled to my self. She then waked out her closet with her undergarments on. My eyes roamed her body. God, I would give up everything just to taste her again.

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