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By the time Kira had made it to Belfast she had accepted her fate as to becoming the bride of Nolan Brogan. Sure she felt an overwhelming feeling of sadness, regret even anger that she was forced into this position. Yet Kira decided to make something of it, once she weds Nolan Kira decided to take matters into her own hands. After a few days of living in her new home Kira stood looking unsatisfied in the mirror as she tries on the fifth wedding gown of the day. She missed her sister horribly, wishing she had at least her support being here. "Ye okay lass," Fiona Larkin asks as Kira stands in the mirror unhappy with her bridal gown," I can't seem to find a dress that is to my liking." "Well try another one," Fiona suggests sitting with her daughter, Kerrianne, who shyly kept to herself. It made Kira feel even more lonely yearning for her sister or Juice to be there. The two were so close in age, but were completely polar opposites.

" I'm okay," Kira twirls in the dress still not feeling it," I just I can't seem to find a dress I fancy." Fiona nods understanding Kira's unhappy predicament forcing to marry a man that she barely knew and live in a place she wasn't sure of. "Things will get better," Fiona looks at her," Nolan's not a bad man. He's just doing what's best for his family." "Well the wedding is in three weeks," Kira looks at her," I really honestly wished my sister could at least be able to attend. No offense to you or Kerrianne."

"None taken love," Fiona's spoke," we all have to do things we never wanted to do. Just stay strong. These men think they rule the house," Fiona grins," but in all honesty we do." Kira nods,"I need to find work and get a new cell too." "We can do that too," Fiona gets up looking at her cell," excuse me lass I need to take this." Fiona walks outside leaving Kira alone with the dress maker and Kerrianne. "So what kind of music do you like Kerrianne," Kira questions sitting beside her. She desperately needed a friend, someone close to her age. "Oh Bones UK," Kerrianne replies taking out one of her air buds handing it to Kira to listen.

Kira love the beat to the sound, the light strings of the guitar and the raspy voice from the female singer. The lyrics were beautiful to Kira bringing her memories of her time with Chibs up. "Ye okay," Kerrianne questions. "Yeah just a little homesick," Kira replies handing her back the air bud," nice choice in tunes. I didn't expect you to listen this sort of music." "I listen to a lot of stuff like this," Kerrianne answers," Nine Inch Nails, Korn basically anything with a good rhythm. Mum says I get it from my da." For Kira it was hard to imagine Jimmy having such a unqiue taste in music. "He's gone ye know," Kerrianne spoke sadly.

"Here ya go," Kira hands her back the air pod feeling tears forming in her eyes. "You really are homesick aren't ye," Kerrianne replies watching Kira nod upset," did ye have someone back at home?" "Something like that," Kira sighs drying her tears," anyways so Jimmy listens to rock n roll?" She thought of Bobby and all of his Elvis impressions which always cracked Kira up. "No Jimmy's mi step-da," Kerrianne answers," my real da is in America. He and my mother are estranged. Apparently he loves me though a lot." "He loves you more than anything," Kira replies feeling stupid as she remembered him talking about his estranged daughter and wife. Kira continue to remember how Chibs talked about his family from Ireland.

This was too close to home for Kira as reality hit her. The man she had been in fucking was the family that was taking care of her until the wedding date. A sicking feeling hit her all at once," excuse me," Kira gets up going back into the dressing room on the verge of a panic attack. Kira couldn't breath, her chest was tight she knew she needed to get herself together. "Miss Putlova," the seamstress spoke," do you need any assistance?" Kira opens the door," please," she turns as the seamstress helped unbutton the back," did ye find anythin ye like lass?" Kira closes her eyes, putting her finger tips between her temple feeling another migraine brewing. "Lass," the seamstress questions Kira turns looking at her," I like the first dress."

"We gotta go," Fiona spoke with urgency," Kira I am so sorry, but I must leave for Charmin. My husband," she pauses," he's in the hospital. I must see him." "Filip," the words slip out of Kira's mouth before she realized it. Fiona looks at Kira, her eyebrow raised," how do ye know mi husband?" "Fiona," Kira sighs," it's a long story.I need to go too. I need to make sure he's okay." "Wait a sec," Fiona looks at her in disgust," look I dun know what you had with Filip, but ye are fixin to be a married woman. Whatever the two of ye had ye must put it behind ye." "I don't think you understand Fiona," Kira looks at her," I need to get out of here. I belong home. I belong in Charming with him." Fiona hand smacks Kira's cheek," I don't think ye understand. He's my husband lass. It's complicated for such a little girl like yerself to understand. Ye are betrothed to Nolan Brogan. Now if ye play the role of a good supportive wife ye life will be easy, but if ye cross him lass. Let's just say the Brogan family has a way of dealin with shite."

"Do ye understand lass," Fiona sighs," let's get ye back to the house." Kira felt like she was a prisoner. By the time they arrived back at Fiona's place, Kira excused herself to go exploring Belfast. The only condition was that one of Jimmy's guards followed behind to make sure she wasn't escaping. Luckily Nolan had given Kira her a card to get the things she needed. "First," Kira thought to herself," a cellphone, then a laptop and new clothes," with that she shopped for the rest of the day coming back later that evening to see Nolan waiting for her.

Author's note:

I hope everyone is doing well during this hard times. I do hope everyone enjoys the latest updates. I'm honestly enjoying writing this now. Anyways thank you to all for the votes, comments and feedback. I really appreciate it. Until then stay safe and healthy.

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