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Kira wrapped her arms around Chibs as they started to leave the fairgrounds heading back towards Charming. Despite the fact that she was infatuated with Filip Telford Kira was afraid that this was all too good to be true. At some point she'd have to face her father telling him that she was a grown woman and that she could make her own decisions for herself. Even more Kira felt the need to tell him she wasn't just some bartering tool for his business. A chill filled up her spine as she feared for the worse. "What if this was truly set in stone,"her inner voice spoke," then I needed to end this before things got serious." She realized she was starting to become her own worse enemy. The inner battle of wanting to be daddy's good girl vs wanting to live freely on her own was weighing heavy upon her shoulders.

By the time they arrived a feeling of dread filled Kira. "Ye okay lass," he could tell something was bothering her. "Yeah, Kira answers," I think Anya is still at work so I'm just going to go inside grab a few things." Chibs nods pulling his cigarette pack from his shirt pocket, taking one out, placing it between his lips lighting it. Something in his gut told him that something was bothering her. He stood nearby his bike taking another long drag, "maybe Juice can find out what's bothering the lass," he thought to himself knowing that he barely knew the young woman. Chibs knew he was liking how they were progressing and maybe someday it could evolve into more.

Kira rushed upstairs going into her room, grabbing her bag that was left unpacked. She stood hesitating as she felt her cell vibrate within her pocket. "Shit," she closes her eyes in dread as she pulls the cellphone out of her jean pocket seeing that it was Nolan calling. "Hello," Kira spoke putting on a front. "Hey babe," Nolan spoke," wanted to see what your plans were this weekend?" "This weekend," Kira repeats trying to find an excuse only to realize she had nothing," um nothing just staying with my older sister." "Ah excellent," Nolan's voice was filled with excitement making Kira feel uneasy," your father said you would be driving up to visit. Maybe instead I can come to Charming since I have business to attend to anyways. We can grab dinner and get to know one another more." "Okay," Kira closes her eyes holding back her emotions. She knew this was a total disaster that the man she wanted to get to know on a personal level was outside. "Excellent I'll be in touch," Kira could hear Nolan mutter something to his driver," I'll see you in a few days." Kira catches the dial tone realizing that he had hung up. 

"Breath in," she spoke the mantra that she's always used when things go to shit," slowly exhale." By the time she finally calmed herself down she slid her cell back into her pocket grabbing her charger and slinging it into the bag. Lastly she grabs her air buds sliding one into her ear, grabbing her phone for the last time to turn on some tunes to settle her nerves. Kira goes back downstairs pretending nothing happened. Kira shuts the door walking up towards him,"I'm all ready," she smiles giving herself a mental thanks that she packed lightly. "Okay," Chibs get backs onto his bike with her following behind, her arms wrapping around him closer after sliding on her helmet hiding her earbud. Luckily for her she could still hear the faint beat from the music she was listening too as they head back onto the road to Filip's place.

By the time they arrived to Chibs' place it was already late, the house itself was simple older located in the middle of the woods on the outskirts of Charming. For Kira it was perfect as she stood looking at it. "It's not much," Chibs says wrapping his arms around her kissing her neck, she could feel the whiskers from his goatee tickling her skin. "I love it," She leans her body against him admiring the home. "I bought it a few years after I moved to Charming," Chibs tells her," come on," he takes her hand as they walk up upon the porch. The house was gorgeous filled with natural wood and cobble stone it sort of gave the cottage feel. "It reminded me of home," Chibs spoke honestly opening the dark green door letting her go first. Inside the house was cozy, filled with lush hardwood floors and an open floor plan. It was spacious, barely filled with furniture yet cozy at the same time. "It's not what I would of expected from you," Kira takes out the air pod sliding it into the case. "Eh lots of work," Chibs replies shutting the door placing her night bag upon the table and his keys in the bowl. "Now," he pulls her close kissing her as his hands wondering to her ass," what do you want to do?"

Kira bites her lip knowing she was fixing to disappoint him, sure if Nolan hadn't ruined it she would of probably crawled into bed with him wanting to explore every portion of him. "You mind if I use your shower," she questions feeling dirty from the fairground and riding. "No I don't mind at all," he falls upon the couch relaxing," bathroom is located down the hall. However you are welcome to use the shower in my bedroom if you prefer a bigger bathroom." "Okay," Kira mutters taking her things down the short hallway before walking into his room. His bedroom was simple, containing a large king size bed that was low to the floor, a simple rug with a dark wood shelves and a dresser. Kira noticed the large closet and a pile of laundry in the corner as she walks towards the joining bathroom. It was relaxing, blue colored walls a large bathtub with a glass shower. It did contain the normal necessities and wasn't overly large nor extremely small.

Kira sighs closing the door, taking her phone out turning on some music to get rid of her insecure thoughts. Kira texts her sister setting her phone down realizing that the whole point of leaving home was to live her life by her standards. "Fuck it," Kira tosses her cell upon the counter before storming out towards the living room," Filip," She starts to unbutton her shirt, pushing it off showing her lace bralette that she was wearing. "I need you,"she looks at him as she  unzips her pants showing the matching boy shorts that match. Chibs gets up from where he was sitting his hand touching her delicate porcelain skin," are ye sure lass," he looks at her with his dark brown eyes. "Yes," Kira looks at him pushing off his kutte before her lips crashed into his," I've never been more ready."

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