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"Filip," her voice was hoarse, her eyes scratchy as she woke up to dim lights and the sound of a monitor beeping quietly. "Oh yer awake," Aoife spoke with a smile," he's going to be so happy to hear about this." It all came back, memories flooding Kira's mind as she recalls what happened the day at the coffee shop. "Shit," She tries to lean up feeling a dim pain at the lower part of her stomach. Aoife gets up from her chair helping the woman out, pouring her a cup of ice water," Drink this," She hands the cup to Kira who chugged it, feeling the ice going in the back of her throat. "Thanks," She sets the cup down," where is Filip?" She yearned to see him and was worried about him being angry. "Right here Mo Ghrá," Kira turns to see Chibs leaning against the door. He looked exhausted with bags under his eyes and his hair was a mess, but it still gave Kira butterflies just looking at him.

Aoife looks over at Kira and Chibs wanting a love like this, but knew that deep down that would never happen. "I better get going," She spoke realizing she was going back to her semi-normal life. "Juicy is waiting on ye lass," Chibs mentions as he walks over to sit upon Kira's bed, his hand holding hers. "Oh really," Aoife was caught off guard," I suppose I'll go see him for a bit," before she manages to leave she turns at the door looking at Kira," take care of yourself, Kira. Stay out of the hospital will ye?" "WIll do," She grins weakly watching her leave she looks up at Chibs, "I'm sorry about all of this." Sighing he sits next to her looking at her," the only thing I am upset about is the fact ye went without Jax or I," his lips meet hers before she could say anything else. A slight moan filled Kira's lips as Chibs' hand slides up her shirt, fondling her breast," I miss this," he growls softly. "I miss you," she looks up at him kissing him again only to pull back because of the pain of her lower stomach. "Rest," he leans back plopping his feet next to her," as soon as ye get out we're getting the hell out of Ireland and going home." "I'm filing for divorce," Kira whispers leaning into Chibs' chest," he signed the paperwork." "Ye won't have to worry about him anymore," Chibs answers staring away. "What do you mean Filip," she felt chills up her spine as her imagination began to stir. "I'm saying ye won't have to worry of it anymore," he kisses her," now rest and dun worry about it." "Okay," she yawns leaning her head upon his chest feeling a rush of relief. Kira was now a free woman, a widow, now able to do what she pleased. This time she was determined to live the life she wanted and to live for herself and she had Chibs "Filip" Telford to thank to that.

It wasn't too long before Kira was riding with Chibs on the back of his bike heading towards the airport. Kira felt relaxed now that she was with him, her arms wrapped around Chibs' waist silently watching the scenery. Thoughts of earlier when they were in bed together, catching up as he gently made love to her. It was slow, passionate, and most of all meaningful. The only issue was her injuries from being stabbed got in the way. "Nervous," Chibs questions once they pulled into the strip later then they anticipated. "A little," She was honest looking over at the Tig, Happy and Jax horsing around while Juice is with Aoife, his arms wrapped around her, both kissing each other feverishly. "I needed to ask ye, something love," Chibs starts digging in his jacket pocket nervously," first and foremost I want ye to get mi crow. Be my old lady." "Of course I'll do both," Kira's heart felt like it was going to skip a beat with excitement. "I mean will you be my old lady permanently," with that Chibs pulls out a ring Kira catching her completely off guard. "Yes," Kira replies feeling tears streaming down her cheeks," I'll marry you."  "It's ready let's go," Jax yells not realizing what had just happened. Jax knew at some point Chibs was going to settle down with the redhead, but wasn't sure when. The two followed by Juice who had to say goodbye managed to get onto the plan escaping from Ireland's clutches as they go home.

Anya stood holding a little girl in her arms while she waited for the airplane to arrive. It had been months since she had last seen Tig and even longer since she saw her sister. Life for her was complicated, messy, but she made no regrets of it. "Ready to see your aunt," Anya spoke in Russian to the small girl with dark black hair just like her father." The plan had finally landed and Anya couldn't wait any longer as she saw her sister and the rest of the gang walkout. "Hey baby," Gemma was the first to greet the blonde," how's my grandbaby." "Growing like a weed and missed her grandma," Anya hands her daughter towards the biker matriarch who had been there since the beginning. "You should sort it with him ya know," Gemma suggests," I'm pretty sure he missed you." This causes Anya to frown with disgust, Tig had broken her heart and had taken something away.

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