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Throughout the whole drive all Kira could think about was Chibs," God I must be an idiot," She thought to herself feeling troubled," I mean no never mind." In her heart she knew there was something blooming between them. Kira honestly wasn't sure what the bloom was. Could it be love? "No," She shook her head fighting with her inner monologue," what happened last night was amazing sex and excellent chemistry." Kira craved what her sister had it almost even  made her a little jealous. A man who would walk through fire for the one he loved. A man who would accept her beyond the rich girl get up. A tear streamed down Kira's face as she continue to regret leaving the way she did, but there was nothing else she could do. She needed to protect him. She was willing to give up the one chance she had for love all because of the dangers she was afraid to put him through.

"Thanks," Kira spoke tipping the driver before walking up the driveway to her sister's place. Kira walks inside, rushing up the stairs and into the comfort of her room. She turned the music station onto her phone to kill the silence before her mind started to wander again. Kira lifts up her cell texting Chibs to let him know she made it to Anya's with that she tossed her phone back onto the table, stripping down for a long shower. "Maybe I should give Nolan a chance," the thought crossed her as she got into the shower feeling the hot water upon her skin," I mean I could fall for him." She sighs washing her skin remembering his touch," shit," she sighs in frustration as flashbacks of last night flooded her mind.

Her heart pounded just the mere thought of Chibs it took a moment to realize she needed to get back into reality. "There wouldn't be any happy endings with him," her voice was gloomy as she sat at the bottom her legs pulled up, tears filled her eyes. "Father would never allow it," Kira repeats," it's already set in stone." By the time her water grew cold Kira forced herself to mentally get her shit together, getting out and getting dressed in a pair of comfortable black leggings with a dark blue loose style tank top. Kira grabs her phone, falling upon the bed to relax. "Fuck," Kira closes her eyes feeling overwhelmingly tired. Her eyes grew heavy and before she knows it she's drifting in a forgotten dream.

"Kira," a man's voice spoke as Kira felt a dip in her bed," hey wake up." Kira opens her eyes looking up to see Juice looking at her. "Hey," she smiles raising up," what's up?" "I had been calling. Anya said you were probably home." "Oh sorry," She felt a bit embarrassed not realizing how exhausted she was. Juice hands her a back pack," it's a few new samples for you to try. Maybe you can write a description ya know that sort of thing." Kira takes the back pack, getting off the bed setting it upon the work desk. "Yeah," she was still trying to wake up," are you leaving too?" "Yeah," He sighs," club shit but ya know I"ll be back. I have my guys running the shop so things should run smooth. If you need any questions call them."

"Okay," she pushes her hair back stretching," I think Anya's home," Kira continues as she heard the chirps from the security alarm. "Yep," Juice gets up hugging her," I'll see you sometime next week." Kira nods following Juice downstairs only to stop when they hear Tig and Anya in a heated discussion. "She's my sister Alex," Anya snaps unaware of the audience," I mean Jesus Christ I thought you were going to help her get out of this forced arrange marriage." "I can only do whatever Jax orders me too," Tig argues back," look doll I like her, but she needs to go back home before your father flips his shit that she's with us. It could fuck up the whole deal with the Irish." "You are basically handing her to the Irish," Anya glares at him," she's being force to marry Declan Brogan's grandson. The man is cutthroat. Rumor had it he's worse than the Butcher of Belfast." Tig looks at her," there's nothing I can fucking do Anya. You left that life for me." She smacks him, tears filled Anya's eyes," I left him because I was in love with you. Kira's a hell of a lot stronger than I ever was."

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