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I Got You. by xxftxxb
I Got xxftxxb
He lost everything, that is until she came back to Charming.
Slow Burn. by xxftxxb
Slow xxftxxb
She is the girl-next-door, the goody-two-shoes and the Princess of Charming. He's the Prince of SAMCRO, a murderer, an outlaw and one of the most hated amongst law enfor...
One Thing Leads To Another (SOA) by turtle_luckerrrr
One Thing Leads To Another (SOA)by turtle_luckerrrr
Steph is just an ordinary Australian-born living in Charming. One day, something happens, one thing leads to another and she ends up meeting one of the most unique famil...
Sister Of SAMCRO ~ Tig Trager by MelissaJames22
Sister Of SAMCRO ~ Tig Tragerby MelissaJames22
"The day I fell for you was the day I started calling you Alex." Tessa (Tess) Winston, younger sister of Opie Winston, daughter of Piney and Mary Winston, and...
Fate of her Fathers Crimes by PaigeeeeSmith
Fate of her Fathers Crimesby PaigeeeeSmith
Lilith Donovan-Morrow fled Charming, California the second she discovered who her biological father was, knowing the brutality and harsh life that followed anyone and ev...
Happy Lowman's Daughter by IvyMarley
Happy Lowman's Daughterby IvyMarley
I do not own any SOA characters. This is a story about Happy Lowmans daughter moving to Charming and experiencing the SAMCRO life. In this story, Amelia gets to experien...
Tribulation | Jax Teller by untilmynextstory
Tribulation | Jax Tellerby t.
After serving five years, Jax returns home to his family. He soon learns that despite weekly visits, five years was a long time and his family has changed -grown - witho...
mine | happy lowman | sons of anarchy SOA by UlulateSuntLupi
mine | happy lowman | sons of TJ
Hazel was dealt a bad hand in life, working at a strip club since she was just sixteen to pay the bills but when a private client visits will all that change? Or will Ha...
"Look, I ain't asking to be apart of your life, especially if you don't want me to be. But, uh, if you ever need anything... like a place to crash... I'll always we...
Yours Truly, With Anarchy. by travellingpsychos
Yours Truly, With Spooky.
"There is no greater evil than anarchy." Being forced to move back to a life you had been avoiding since you were a child may cause conflict but Renee Young is...
daydreamer // soa fanfic by taurusvibes
daydreamer // soa fanficby 💕
This is about the daughter of the Sons of Anarchy. How does she handle "the life"? She deals with her own life, meanwhile her mother pushes her to hold the tit...
Danielle     by Forgetyourname
Danielle by Forgetyourname
Dani is learning how to deal with love, heartbreak, her past and her future. And somehow Juice and Tig are in the middle of it. And a small part of her needed comfortin...
With the Wind by theprettyrecklss
With the Windby theprettyrecklss
The town of Charming has been eerily quiet and for any outlaw that is an unsettling feeling. What happens when an old lover struts into a town she once called home with...
Teir Abhaile riu - Jax Teller(SOA) by des_909
Teir Abhaile riu - Jax Teller(SOA)by destinee
"Her eyes are blue, yours are brown hers represents the ocean yours represents the ground you've always hated your eyes and wished that they were blue but your e...
Outlawed (SOA) by Comfy_puppy
Outlawed (SOA)by 🌻Desi✌🏼
A young eighteen years old girl who goes by the name Athena Graceland has run away from her small town home in Nevada, moving to Charming,California. Here she'll meet th...
ᴬ ᴷⁱˡˡᵉʳ'ˢ ᴰᵃᵘᵍʰᵗᵉʳ ;ˢᴼᴬ; by prettyoldlady_15
ᴬ ᴷⁱˡˡᵉʳ'ˢ ᴰᵃᵘᵍʰᵗᵉʳ ;ˢᴼᴬ;by Cherry 💕
If there is one thing you should know, it's that you don't mess with Happy Lowman's daughter.
Believer| SOA by Ella2005556
Believer| SOAby Ella2005556
"First things first I'ma say all the words inside my head I'm fired up and tired of the way that things have been, oh ooh The way that things have been, oh ooh"...
Pretty Hell|SOA|  by rosycheeks180
Pretty Hell|SOA| by Cheyenne 👸🏼😚
Amanda Hale, she's the only daughter from the Hale family and she's almost the complete opposite of her brothers.
Chance of Fate by mrsfitzgerald2015
Chance of Fateby mrsfitzgerald2015
A continuation of the journey of Nicole and Jax Teller. Will they find their way back to each other, can love conquer all? Come find out