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Kira stood outside, dressed in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt shaping her slim figure. A lot filled her mind with the sudden arranged marriage and the uncertainty of her future. She was restless, hating the fact that she couldn't find an ounce of stability. As she anxiously waited Kira pulled her cellphone from her pocket checking to see if Anya had texted. Her eldest sister was late which was highly unusual. "Come on Anya," her mind races of all the possibilities that could have delayed her sister's arrival," where are you?" Her eyes wonder up when she hears the crack from the front door being open.

Her father walks out with his henchman, all dressed in their wealthiest business attire. As Viktor walks past his daughter he sees her luggage bag beside her. "Where are you going Sunshine," he questions curiously. "Oh I'm going to be staying with Anya," the red head states telling the half truth," I'm also going to see mama too." "Why," was all her father could say, his demeanor changed like day turning to night  once his ex wife and his eldest daughter was mentioned.

The divorce from his ex wife left a bitter taste in Viktor's mouth. She had left him for a man of lower status, stating he was married to his work more than he ever was to her. Anya on the other hand left at eighteen never looking back. All that was left was his youngest and now she too was leaving. "Dad," Kira spoke interrupting his thoughts," listen if I'm being forced to marry I want my mom and sister to be there for me." All Viktor could do was look at his daughter unsure  of what to say to her. She was always obedient, never getting into trouble and always doing well in school. Kira had even accepted the whole arrange marriage, but still Viktor wished she didn't want to anything to do with his bitch of an ex wife or Anya.

"Okay Sunshine," he gives his daughter a warm smile," but I must warn you to watch your behavior while you're out there with your sister." He knew Anya was a wild, free spirit always hanging with those filthy-white trash bikers. She was even bar tending at one of the clubhouses too, Anya was far too gone and had become a disgrace to the Pulova family name. "Okay," Kira replies as she puts on her wireless headphones, turning on her blue tooth only to then turn on some music on shuffle. Viktor shakes his head walking back to his guards, getting inside his luxury sedan only for a short moments leaving Kira.

It felt to Kira as hours had passed before she sees a vibrate red volkswagon beetle pulling into the driveway. There Kira saw a tall blonde getting out with sparkling green eyes smiling at her, it was no other than Anya, her big sister. "Where have you been Anya," Kira questions walking up to her sister and embracing her in a hug. "I'm sorry I got caught up," Anya replies grabbing Kira's suit case. "Is that all your packing," Anya questions putting Kira's things into the small trunk. "Yep," Kira felt a rush of relief," I'm so happy to be leaving this place Anya."

She gets into the passenger seat watching Anya get into the driver seat," Okay first rule stop with this proper, rich girl bullshit. Act like yourself now Kira, you're not under dad's thumb." Kira looks at her older sister puzzled," what do you mean?" "I mean you were wild, free spirited," Anya continues," you had piercings, you drank and wore different style of clothing. So once we get back to my place all I ask if for you to let go and be yourself." "I don't know who I am anymore," Kira spoke feeling defeated. "I know and that's the biggest problem," Anya sighs," let's talk of this later. Right now it's just a long drive and some killer tunes."

"Okay," Kira leans forward grabbing her phone, placing it onto the charger. "I call dibs first," she turns on her blue tooth again connecting it to Anya's car. There music filled the vehicle as Anya started to drive down the pathway out and onto the highway. "Finally I'm free," Kira smiles thinking to herself unaware of the adventures that await for her.

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