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Kira sat in a local cafe sipping her coffee, anxiety engulfed her as she waited for Jax Teller to show up. It  was only a matter of minutes before she finds out if there was a solution to her situation with Nolan. For Kira it wouldn't of  matter anyway, Nolan grew distant once she started taken care of Abel full time. Both were hiding secrets one was an affair with an office girl the other escaping back to America with the intentions of a divorce. Kira sips her coffee giving Abel his baby food," ready to see your da," She smiles warmly at the child. For Kira it would be a relief once it was all over and she could have her life back. "I hope so," a voice spoke Kira looks up to see Jax. "Hey," she smiles," I would get up and hug you, but little guy is a bit hungry." "No problem darlin," Jax's voice was smooth sitting in front of her. "Would you like some coffee," She offers signaling the waitress to come over. "What can I get ya lad," the waitress questions with a smile. "Just regular black coffee please," he answers the waitress writes it down leaving the two alone.

"So here's your son," She takes a breath," Jax they were going to put him in the church adoptions to find him a good catholic family. I couldn't allow that to happen-" "You did fine Kira," Jax interrupts," relax we know you're not a traitor." "Thank God," she took a deep breath exhaling out," look I don't want to be here. Once they find out that I gave Abel back to his true family they will want me dead." "You're coming home with us," Jax takes the coffee from the waitress who shows up, sipping it and thanking her. Once she leaves Jax continues," you will file for divorce. We'll take care of Nolan." "Are you sure," Kira questions cautiously," this isn't your war love. My father is at fault for this. I could of been like Anya and said no." "Hey shit happens," Jax looks at her," look SAMCRO has got your back." "I miss the states," Kira mumbles feeling a pain in her heart. "How is he holdin up," Kira questions softly looking down at her coffee. "He's fine Kira," Jax answers," missing the hell out of you. So the quicker we can get you home the happier our Scott will be." "Same," She looks up," Okay so let's talk about my grand escape."

It wasn't long before noon by the time Kira reached SAMBEL with Jax. "Surprise," she yells causing some heads to turn. "Doll you're back," Tig smiles happily hugging her," Anya will be happy to have ya home." "Of course she will," Kira says her eyes wondering around looking for him, her heart pounding. "About damn time you showed," Gemma smiles walking down the stairs," come here." Kira embraces the older biker matriarch," it's so good to see you Gemma." "You too darlin," She grins," thank you for taking care of my grandson." "It's an honor Gemma," Kira looks at the boy," he's such a good baby. I'm sure he'll be happier now that he's with his actual family." "Darlin you are family," Gemma spoke her voice filled with kindness," you and your sister both."

"Juice," Kira saw her best friend running down the stairs almost tripping before pulling her into his arms. "Kira," he smelled of weed and leather," I'm so fucking glad you're okay. I missed my best friend." "I missed you too Juicy fruit," she replies feeling a little bummed about not seeing him. "Oy Juicy," a Scottish voice yells giving her butterflies. Kira looks up seeing him walking in her direction. "Filip," the words escaped her lips as she looks in awe. She didn't realize how much she missed him. Juice nods moving away as  Chibs wraps his arms around her pulling her close. "Mo Ghrá,"his voice whispers in her ear," thank Christ I missed you." "I miss you," she looks up at him, tears filled her eyes with happiness. "I'm home baby," She looks at him smiling," as long as I'm with you I'm home. I love you." "Aye  Mo Ghrá as soon as this shite's over with," his lips brush against hers she could taste his last cigarette upon his lips," you won't be leaving me ever." Home that was all Kira wanted was to have a man that was truly worth sticking. Still the thoughts wonder her mind:

                                  What is going to happen with Nolan Brogan finds out?

Author's Note:

Currently my life is super busy with school and work, but Chibs & Kira are finally back together. There's not a lot of Chapters left in this tale. I honestly have had ups and down's with this story, but I'm pleased with how it's turning out. I hope everyone else is enjoying it too. Stay safe.

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