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By the time SAMCRO made it to Ireland all hell broke lose. Kira had done her best to stay in touch, but something happened and she was nowhere to be found. "Could he be hurting her," the thought crossed his mind as he sat quietly drinking his beer, cigarette in hand. Everyone around him was having a relaxing time now that they were closer to finding Abel. "Chibs," someone yells drunkenly, catching his attention," someone's here to see ye." Chibs sighs half drunk getting up from the table walking out passed the crowd. There she stood taking his breath away, she looked a little older, but in a good way. "Hello Chibs," She spoke smiling up at him," I missed you." "Kira," He spoke in disbelief he couldn't believe she was standing right there in the flesh with not an inch of her perfect image harmed. "A ghrá mo chroí ," He spoke not taking his eyes off her," I've missed you as well."

His hands were shaking as he pulls her against him, the smell of peonies flooded his senses. "Fillip," her voice was trembling looking up at him," shhh come with me lass," he grabs her hand leading her through the crowd. They somehow ended up in the room where the club discussed business. "Fillip," her voice grabbed his attention," we shouldn't be in here. I probably need to go this was a bad idea." Chibs locks the door and walks over towards her, lifting her delicate body upon the table. He then slides up her dress feeling the smoothness of her pale skin," don't leave." Kira looks up at him biting her lip as she wraps her arms around him playfully kissing him," okay," she teases her nails scrapping down his chest.

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It started with a kiss intensifying like electricity. Kira's moans from when Chibs went down on her sent him almost over the edge. "I need all of you," she pleads in a heavy voice," please just fuck me." It was all he needed to hear, sliding his two fingers out of her he could hear her whimper with excitement. It happened in a matter of moments before he slams into her, moving at a steady yet rough pace. Her moans filled his ears as she started to scream his name while her pussy clenched him tightly. "Tell me how you like it," he grins mischievously, teasing her entrance while enjoying her squirm. Kira looks up at him her eyes hint desire her lips were swollen red," I want it rough," she replies catching her breath," fuck me like one of your little whores." "Turn around," he orders backing up to allow Kira to turn around, her body leaning forward upon the table. Chibs smacks her ass hard causing her to jolt with excitement as he rubs it, popping her again. He then grabs her hips slowly entering her. "Oh god," She cries with pleasure as he hits her g-spot slowly over and over again. Chibs could feel a rush of warmth over his cock as she climaxed again and again.

"Chibs," a woman's voice spoke causing him to pull back into reality. Chibs raises up seeing a young woman with dark hair and a perplexed look sitting beside him half naked. "For the love of Christ," He yells realizing it was all a dream," get the fuck out of here." The croweater rushes out as Chibs falls back upon the bed in frustration. Instead of attempting to sleep he showers, washing away the tension from his dream. Chibs knew he had to finally end things with Fiona and then once Abel was back in Jax's arms he needed to find Kira. "You okay," Juice questions as Chibs walks downstairs dressed for the day, his hair still wet from his cold shower. "Any luck of Kira or Abel," he questions as he avoids to answer Juice questions. Juice was lying upon a old beat up sofa with his laptop in his lap. "Honestly Kira actually is here," Chibs could tell Juice was looking anxious," she brought Abel with her and is talking to Jax now." "Where," Chibs didn't give Juice a chance to breath. "She uh," Juice stutters," in the kitchen. Chibs Fiona is here too. It seems pretty tense to be honest."

Chibs walks passed the sofa heading into the kitchen to where Gemma and Fiona were. "Fillip," Fiona spoke catching his attention. He knew he needed to end things quickly with her it had been a long time coming for the two. "Yeah Fi we need to talk," Chibs answers," mind stepping outside with me." "What is it Fillip," she questions again as Chibs lights up his cigarette exhaling the smoke into the Belfast air. "Fiona we need to end this," he sighs wanting to avoid the drama that she had brought. "Does this have to do with Kira?  My God Filip she's a bit older than Kerrianne. She's also a married woman to one of the most known IRA member." "I don't give a shite," He snaps," I want a divorce. Besides you ruined it when you went with off and married Jimmy." "I hadn't gotten a choice Fillip," Fiona argues," I stayed to protect our daughter." "Fi just sign the damn papers," Chibs looks at her," and you leave Kira out of it." "That bitch is going to cause you nothin but trouble Filip," Fiona warns," not my issue though I suppose. I suppose I've got no choice, but to sign them." Fiona storms off back upstairs to hang with Gemma leaving Chibs alone.

                                                               Author's Note:

I hope all is well with everyone. A huge thank you to my readers for the support whether it's just reading, commenting or even voting it means a lot. As for the updates they will probably continue to be slow due to my weird work schedule then add school on top of it. I have been having a blast writing this tale and have noticed my writing is slowly improving too. I think this story has a few more chapters before it officially ends, but only time will tell. Until then keep your eyes peeled for new material or new chapters.

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