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"We're here lass," Chibs spoke pulling into a nearby parking lot by the fairgrounds. Kira slowly lets go removing herself off the back of Chibs bike stretching her legs and handing him the helmet. The sweet scent of funnel cakes teased her nostrils with the loud sound of fair-goers and rides filled her ears. For Kira it brought of memories of her past childhood of going with Anya and her mother. "The fair," Kira spoke happily," this is amazing." "You are in control of the day lass," Chibs mentions taking her hand," lead the way." Kira takes his hand feeling the callouses upon his finger tips and leads him towards the bumper cars. They managed to get a spot in line," so how long have you been in Charming," Kira questions to Chibs wanting to know more about him. "A few years," he replies," I came from another Charter of SAMCRO," his eyes avoids her," some shit happened and well I ended up in Charmin."

"What about you," he was just as curious of her," what brought ye to Charmin?" "I wanted to have a different life. Ya know live on my own terms and not by my fathers," for Kira it wasn't a total lie. "You need to do what makes ye happy lass," Chibs replies pushing back her hair," did I mention ye look beautiful today." "No," she felt heat against her cheeks," you don't look to bad yourself." "Okay next," the fair operator spoke looking at the two Kira turns getting into a purple bumper car while Chibs was in the red. "Are you ready to get hit," Kira teases looking at him. "Oh lass is that a challenge," he grins as the signal went off causing the bumper cars to move. Kira slings hers towards Chibs, she playfully sticks her tongue out at him. Chibs shakes his head grinning turning his steering wheel towards Kira slamming the bumper car towards her hitting hit. Kira giggles blowing the strands of her hair out of her face. By the time they run into each other again the fair operator shuts the ride off for the next customers.

"Let me help ya," Chibs walks over helping Kira who was struggling to escape from the bumper car. Kira's heel from her boot entangles within the belt causing her to fall into Chibs' arms. Kira looks up her body pressed against his, her heart pounding hard. Before she realizes it her lips are pressed against his, moving slowly into another deeper kiss. "Come on," The operator yells in annoyance," there's other customers waiting." Chibs lifts his hand flipping the operator a bird before pulling back," let's go lass." He takes her hand leading her to the fun house, both acting like two teenagers up to no good. "The fun house," Kira looks at Chibs," what's so fun about the fun house?" "You'll see," he lifts her up causing her to giggle, Chibs carries her inside where they are alone. "Filip," Kira laughs as she's pinned against the wall of a dark corner as Chibs kisses her again. Both their lips meet, her hands sliding up his shirt scrapping his chest lightly with her nails," oh lass," he groans Kira knew exactly what she was doing.

Their kisses grew rougher as their hands continue to wonder, one minute his hands were at his hips now their were up her shirt, his hands cupping her breasts. "God lass you're beautiful," He pulls back looking at her with a lustful stare. He knew he wanted her, but he respected her more than to fuck her here. "Filip," she tugs at the belt of his jeans she knew she wanted him now. Her core ached for his touch, she "Lass," He looks at her lifting her chin kissing her again Kira undoes his belt, her hand sliding in his pants, her hand lightly gripping his shaft. "Lass," He grabs her hand pulling her hand out," we can't do this here." If were any other woman he would done it without any remorse, but Kira was different. "Okay," her voice was soft, almost a whisper," this was a stupid idea," she turns feeling a rush of embarrassment. "It's not you love," his tone wanted to fill her with comfort," I care about you. This wasn't a mistake just the wrong time." Kira nods agreeing and the two leave the fun house with much of a word.

After a few more rides, Chibs suggested to grab something to eat. Maybe then he could break the awkward silence that stood between them. "Kira ye hungry," He asks wondering what was going inside her head. "I'm a little hungry," her voice seemed so small as the two walked in the crowd causing Chibs to worry. "Lass," He pulls her close," listen to me," Kira looks up at him," what happen in the fun house. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. Obviously I do have feelings for you, but you're not a croweater. I respect you." Kira nods agreeing as they walked over to a nearby stand where they get a funnel cake to share. "We should try some of the games," Kira looks at Chibs," they have a water gun game." "Oh you're on," he takes another bite of the funnel cake," my aim is excellent." "I bet," Kira laughs," you have powered sugar in your goatee." She takes a napkin wiping gently the powerdy sugar off his face before tossing it into the trash," you ready to lose at the water shoot?" "You're on lass," he accepts her challange eager to show that he can win.

"Let's see that's three wins and one loss for you," Kira brags looking at him with amusiment," I think I must say for a Son Filip you really suck at water guns." "Maybe I let ye win," Chibs takes her hand as they walk around. Then it caught her attention a small stuff yellow bear from Care Bears sitting in the prize box. "Hang on a second lass," Chibs spoke walking over to the darts game where the bear sat. "Hit the balloons and pick a prize," The game host spoke handing him a few darts. After a few attempts Chibs managed to get the bright yellow bear with a sunshine on the belly. "Kira lass," he hides the bear behind his back," I won somethin for ya," he hands her the brightly colored bear. "Aww Filip," she takes the bear clutching it tightly in a huge," it's perfect thank you so much." She leans forward kissing him catching Chibs off guard as he melts within the kiss. "Shall we go to the Ferris wheel last," Chibs looks at her," I know you said you wanted to go on that last?" "Yes," Kira smiles following him, the night grew dark and the ferris wheel shined brightly.

"This date has been amazing," Kira mentions as they are the next in line for the ride," like this was perfect." "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself," Chibs pulls her close kissing her forehead," what do you want to do after this?" Kira knew it was getting late and that Anya would be home probably spending time with Tig. "Up to you," She dreaded going back to a lonely bed,"I mean all I'm going to do is shower and go to bed when I get home." "How about ye stay the night with me," Chibs' boldly suggests. "That would be lovely more time with you ," Kira kisses him," just need to drop in to grab my night bag and then we can head to your place." "Sounds like a plan lass," he says in between kisses as the couple make it to the top of the Ferris Wheel.

Author's note:

This for me was a difficult chapter to write. Life has been utter chaos right now and I couldn't seem to figure out how to lay out what I had in my mind for this chapter into words. Still I'm pretty okay with how it turned out. I hope everyone enjoys the latest read. Please stay safe.

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