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| L O V I N G   F E R R A R I | ✓ by Bluelover7815
| L O V I N G F E R R A R I | ✓by Callmeawhore
Luciano Ferrari. He is the king in his world. The mafia world. He is a psychopath who is hell bent on making Orabella his. His to love, his to own, his forever. Orabella...
🖤Maybe a little... by ZeroKarr
🖤Maybe a Weeb Lily
~In which a pre-teen gets stuck in their emo stage and join's a bunch of emo killers and purposely gets a harem of yanderes~ "Ya' know Ben can see your search hist...
Prepare To Be Surprised||Dylan O'Brien by DuffnStuff
Prepare To Be Surprised||Dylan O' Rie
In which: there is much miscommunication, many tears, many half truths and a lot of complications. But there are also smiles and laughter and joy. Eventually. Or in whi...
The killers next door  by bnsndndndnd
The killers next door by bnsndndndnd
My first book just for fun🧏🏾‍♀️🧍🏾‍♀️
Along the Way (On-going) by mine_ya
Along the Way (On-going)by Aching_heart
Age doesn't matter? -Age is a matter for someone who doesn't have the capability to fight for someone they love. -Age is not a matter for someone who is willing to d...
My Sheriff  by onlyfamilar3214
My Sheriff by onlyfamilar3214
What if Sheriff Keller divorced Kevin's mom when Kevin was a child? Christina Lodge, the eldest child of Hiram and Hermione Lodge, moved to Riverdale alongside her mothe...
Jasmine Potter Reads The Books by i-love-avengers
Jasmine Potter Reads The Booksby i-love-avengers
join 15 year old Jasmine Potter as people from the past present and future read 7 books about her life. I don't own Harry Potter i just own my character and the changes...
Difficult- HyunLix by Felixramenn
Difficult- HyunLixby 헤다 ♡
Hyunjin thought that he was straight, but after finding the right one, the only problem was the large age gap... "Will it work?" ⚠️WARNING⚠️ Age Difference/Age...
The Four Years Gap (the rpw lovestory) by shehatesbyang
The Four Years Gap (the rpw shehatesbyang
[on-going] DISCLAIMER!!! This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or u...
Only Once (Lena Reid, Reid Family Book #5) by losautenticos
Only Once (Lena Reid, Reid losautenticos
Good old, reliable George, with the wide toothy grin- there was something about him that had always made Lena's heart beat a little faster. He wasn't dangerous, wasn't a...
YOUNG CHISAKI- {OverhaulxReader} by WaWriter24
YOUNG CHISAKI- {OverhaulxReader}by WaWriter24
{UnFinished} The young boy that had a great passion to restore the Yakuza to its former glory is long forgotten and replaced by a twisted, power-hungry man, with a great...
BakuDeku but it's not bakudeku 🤨 by flowermp3
BakuDeku but it's not bakudeku 🤨by Val
I was 11 when I made this and I regret it every day #girlboss
Good Girl Gone Bad by irdccbitch
Good Girl Gone Badby irdcc
kaylani a good girl (16) and khamil (18) a player, meet a club unexpectedly... what happens when khamil takes advantage of her ? Do u think he'll break her?!
Devil Like Me by BadSignBorn
Devil Like Meby Miss Chaos
You stop hating and start craving your wrestling partner as he struggles with the idea of dating someone younger. 19yo reader, 32yo Bucky.
Meera by the_selenophile
Meeraby Rhea
Meera Joshi had always let go off things which meant the world to her, just for her family. The only wish she had was to marry the man of her choice irrespective of his...
The Stark-Parker by HereswithAddams
The Stark-Parkerby HereswithAddams
Omega playboy-genious Tony Stark never thought about a mate or children,his work and the Avengers were always first. So when he falls in love with the young Alpha Peter...
The Sound of Disaster by silvi303
The Sound of Disasterby Silvi A.
"Hi, I'm Jungkook, I'm your mentee it seems," the student said and Jimin nodded. "Nice to meet you, I'm Jimin!" Jimin responded. ☆jikook ☆collab with...
it's not about gender how much you love someone even if you're both a woman or a man it matters we don't hurt and trample on people.
Take My Hand Through The Flame || MCYT One-shots  by sagittariusb4
Take My Hand Through The Flame || sagittariusb4
I had this idea where I do one shots that are all connected to the wars on the Dream SMP, the one shots are all in separate timelines though. I'm gonna do multiple diffe...