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"Hello," Kira answers inside, tiptoeing to reach the kitchen cabinets looking for a glass. "Where the hell are you," Anya demands Kira could hear dishes clattering in the background. Kira knew Anya had to of been worrying especially since she's doing dishes by hand. "I'm with a friend," She spoke grabbing a glass cup, filling it with a glass of cold water taking a huge gulp,"I left you a text." "I didn't get it," the tone in Anya's voice was filled with worry," I just wanted to check on you." "I'm okay," Kira reassures her," I'm still in Charming, I just went on a casual date with a friend then I decided to crash at his place." "Kira," Anya's voice was cheery," that's amazing. Who is the lucky beau?" Kira knew she didn't want to say who it was, this was something she wanted to keep secret at least for now. "I can't say," Kira replies," he's very private." She wasn't ashamed of wanting to be with Chibs Telford, but she knew despite the age difference could bother some people. Even more the risk she was taking since the force marriage arrangement.

"Listen I've got lots to tell you," Kira spoke taking the glass into the sink, washing it. She could feel Chibs' eyes watching her causing her to feel cautious," I'll drop back at your place," she suggests," we can have a girls night no guys allow." "Sounds amazing," Anya answers," Tig has to leave with the guys ya know Club stuff. I'm also off the next two nights." "Okay sounds like a plan," Kira smiles," I love you big sister." "Love you kiddo," Anya replies before hanging up. Kira turns seeing Chibs leaning against the entrance way with his arms cross. "I'm heading to bed," Kira felt exhausted walking passed Chibs, heading towards the guest room. She knew that whatever her and Chibs were doing wasn't something serious. "Where ye goin love," he questions following her. He felt puzzled to why she was heading to the guest room instead of his quarters. "I figured I was going to sleep in your guest room," She turns looking at me," why?" "You can sleep with me in my bed," he looks at her," come on," he takes her hand turning off the hall light leading her back into his room.

They lay in bed, Kira scoots a little away from Chibs giving him some room to stretch out. Silence filled the large room except for the light snores next to her and the fan blowing. Kira's mind raced as she laid there thinking to herself. "What the hell am I going to do," she thought to herself thinking of the situation. If the relationship between her and Chibs bloomed Kira knew this could end in a total shit show. "Oh this is going to be a long night," Kira thought  to herself her mind continue to run in a million different directions making her restless. Without much choice she turns over, shutting her eyes forcing herself to at least tried to get some sleep.

*             *            *            *

"Lass," Chibs' spoke softly as he gently shakes Kira to wake her up. Kira raises up feeling even more exhausted then she already was, but the scent of a fresh pot of coffee filled her nostrils. "What time is it," her throat felt dry as she takes the bright red coffee mug that was in Chibs' hands. "It's almost noon," Chibs answers," I wanted to let ya know I was about to leave for work at Teller-Morrow." Kira nods sipping the delicious bitter brew," I'll grab my stuff and get an uber to take me home." "Are ye sure love," Chibs questions not wanting her to leave his bed," I mean you can stay here if ye want or I can just drop you at your sisters." "I'll be fine Filip," Kira answers setting the coffee mug on the side table looking up at him," besides you have shit to do it's not a huge deal." Before Chibs could say anything else Kira tosses off the sheets walking passed him and heading to the bathroom. There she gets dressed in a pair of black ripped jean shorts and a grey tank. Kira looks in the mirror tossing her hair into a messy bun, doing her make up once being satisfied walks out grabbing her black low top converse. "You leaving now love," Chibs looks at her puzzled.

"Yeah," Kira hesitates," look last night was amazing, but I honestly don't think we should get involve. I mean with the club and my sister. Things would just get complicated." Before Chibs could say anything else Kira kisses him before leaving out the door feeling as if she was making the biggest mistake of her life. There she walked down the street before calling uber to go back to her sister's place.

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