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Silence filled the house except for the mutterings of small talk in Russian as Kira leaned against the wall by the fireplace, staring at the garden outside, eavesdropping. The conversation in the next room was involving her somehow and she was determined to a find out the answer to why her name had gotten brought up in the first place. Kira sighs growing bored as she watches the bees hovering over the garden flowers. She knew she needed to get down to business and post her resume now that she had graduated from college.

"Sunshine," a thick Russian accent spoke calling for her, it was her father's pet name for her since she was a little girl. Kira sighs pushing back her red hair as she takes a deep breath composing herself . There Kira makes her way to the next room where three men sat dressed in business suits. The one was around her age, dark brown hair, vibrant blue eyes looking at her curiously causing her cringe. "Yes father," her accent was neutral you couldn't tell that she was deaf in her right ear. Kira didn't contain even the slightest Russian accent, maybe it was because her mother was born and raised in the state of California.

"My beautiful sunshine," Viktor Putlova spoke smiling at his daughter as he embraces her with a hug," come sit. I need to introduce to you to someone important." Kira walks over passed her father to sit beside him. She felt uncomfortable, unsure of what derange ideas that her father must have created. "This is," pointing the man with blue eyes," is Nolan Brogan. He's the grandson of Declan Brogan, the Irish king." "Great," she thought to herself looking at him," please let this all be a joke." Instead of muttering her thoughts, she'd smile at Nolan," it's nice to meet you. I'm Kira," His hand was too smooth, a man that doesn't do dirty work, "Great again," she thought again completely not interested. "It's a pleasure to meet ye lass," his thick Irish accent popped," I look forward to our wedding day in the spring." "Wedding day," Kira turned her head confused to this sudden brink of news.

"Yes Sunshine," Viktor smiles in victory," since your older sister has refused to have anything to do with the family. You will be marrying Nolan." "Fucking Anya," she thinks getting up in disbelief. "Excuse me gentleman," Kira looks over to Nolan, she vowed not to make a scene and shame her father. "Lass," another Irish accent spoke Kira looked over to see Jimmy O'Phelan, a member of the true IRA, whom she detest," there's no need for ye to leave. Don't ye want to get to know your future husband?" Jimmy grins making Kira feel even more uncomfortable, she knew herself that she needed to make an excuse to plan an escape. "I'm sure there will be plenty of sweet moments," she smiles warmly," to spend time with my soon to be husband," Kira pauses as she attempts to think quickly," but it seems like this is all strictly business which I have no business to be involve in."

"Go Sunshine," her father kisses her forehead," do whatever women do." Kira nods leaving, closing the door to the office room, where her father does business in. "How the hell do I get myself out of this," she whispers grabbing her laptop and walking upstairs to her living quarters, where she knew her father would leave her alone. After hours of searching she had no luck, Kira picks up her cell phone calls her older sister. "Hello," a young woman's voice spoke Kira could hear a loud commotion in the background only for it to go completely silent. "So you'll never guess what our father is doing," Kira snaps pacing back and forth. "What," her older sister spoke confusion filled her voice as she awaited an answer. "Anya, Father is insane," Kira snaps feeling a tension headache brew," he's trying to force my hand into marriage with Nolan Brogan!"

Silence filled between them, Kira was furious,"His hands are smooth, he hasn't worked a day outside in his life." Anger flared throughout her body as she hears her sister snicker on the phone. "It's not funny Anya," Kira attempts to control her temper"this is serious." "I know I know," Anya replies," listen I may have connections for a job for you. Just tell father you are going to spend the next few weeks with me." "How Anya," Kira questions stopping at mid-pace," father doesn't want me to have anything to do with you. Not since the divorce with mother." "Tell father," Anya answers," that you are wanting to spend time with mother and I. Lie and say we're helping with the wedding." "Very well," Kira says brainstorming," I'll handle father just come get me tomorrow." "Tomorrow it is," Anya replies," I love you little sister." "Love you big sister," Kira then hangs up. "This time tomorrow," Kira whispers," I'll be in Charming."

Author's Note:

So this is the first Chapter to a long tale. I'm going to try and shorten my chapters in order to make the story longer. Anyways it's my first time in a long time writing a story in third person. I hope everyone enjoys. Vote. Comment. Enjoy.

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