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A year had passed since Kira had gotten married and things have changed. Nolan kept pressing to start a family and the lies continue. All Kira wanted to do was dive into her work as an editor for a book company and enjoy her time alone. "Babe," he spoke catching her attention as Kira was deep into reading an article that she was currently editing. "Hmm," Kira replies reading the last sentence only to look up at him once she was done. "We're going out to dinner," He states," please dress in something nice." Tension filled between them and the two had been fighting for quiet some time. "Okay," She closes the file of her laptop," I'll freshen up." She starts to walk passed Nolan who grabs her hand. "Babe," his voice was soft looking at her," listen you know how much I want to start a family with you." Kira sighs closing her eyes taking a deep breath. She could feel a migraine brewing," listen," Kira had a feeling this was going to start a fight, but still she continue," I'm not ready for a child. Hell I don't even know if I want to have children."

"What do you mean," Nolan questions Kira knew by the tone she is dancing a fine line on pissing him off. "Like I said we just got married Nolan," her voice was soft as she looked at him straight in the eyes," besides I'm wanting to build my career. Live a little not be stuck as a housewife. That isn't the life for me." "Well you better start changing your mind," the tone in his voice was deadly," because your father had promised you'd be a good wife. I expect nothing less then you to follow your duties." Kira scoffs," that's utterly ridiculous Nolan. I'm not even sure if I'm in love with you. I got married because my father pushed me into it." "I'm sorry he pushed you into it," Nolan replies," look my da did the same thing for me, but we gotta work this shite out." "I'm not sure if we can," Kira sighs," listen I'm just going to tuck in for now. I've honestly lost my appetite and not really in the move for dinner." Before Nolan could speak he watches the woman he calls his wife walk away to the other side of their home.

Kira sat outside in the garden with a joint in hand to ease her nerves. She missed Charming, her friends, Anya and the little family she had. "Kira," Nolan yells causing Kira to put out her joint hiding it before walking back into their home. "Yes dear," her voice was exhausted she suddenly heard a baby crying that's when she saw it Cameron Hayes holding a small infant. "What the fuck," Kira spoke confused still kind of high. "Have you been smoking," Nolan's tone was angry," go clean up." It was all a blur for Kira as she walks back to the bedroom to freshen up, washing her face and tossing her hair into a messy bun. Kira walks back into the room," give me the baby," she commands," he's upset and you're making it worse." "You heard her," Nolan snaps grabbing the infant from Cameron's arms handing the baby to Kira," listen Cameron we're done go see Father Ashby. Let him know the child has a family that will love him and raise him well."

It was then as Kira attempted to rock the baby asleep she notices the reaper stitch upon the front of baby's hat. "Shit," She thought to herself realizing that the child was no other that Abel Teller, Jax Teller's son. At that point Kira knew that no matter what happen she needed to keep Abel safe no matter what it cost her.

Author's Note:

FINALLY! An update. I would like to thank everyone for being so patience for the latest update. I know I've been kind of slacking, but I honestly wasn't sure what direction to push this tale at. I am so grateful to all of my readers for voting, commenting or heck even reading my work. Again without ya'll my work wouldn't be such a success. Keep your eyes peeled for new chapters in the future.

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