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Days passed Kira continue to avoid Anya not wanting to be involve in her self pity. Kira had accepted the situation was what it was and there was nothing to change it. Instead she stood staring at herself in the mirror finishing the finishing touches to her outfit. Kira decided to go with a black halter style dressed that came above the knee with a few layer bracelets upon her left wrist and a pair of Tiffany and Co earrings to match. Make up wise Kira had decided to go for a more glamorous look to portray the look of a wealthy mob daughter. Kira sat upon the bed, taking her black heels out and sliding them on. For the final touch she sprayed a bit of Coach perfume upon her skin. Sighing she gets up grabbing her cell phone, sliding it into her dress pocket and picks up the Prada clutch purse.

Kira then walks downstairs noticing Anya sitting upon the living room sofa dressed in her sweats and one of Tig's t-shirts

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Kira then walks downstairs noticing Anya sitting upon the living room sofa dressed in her sweats and one of Tig's t-shirts. "I'm out," Kira spoke for the first time in days to her older sister," I'm honestly not sure what time I'll be coming home," Kira felt a bit self conscious unsure what to say. "Okay," Anya spoke softly avoiding to look at her," have a good time." "Okay," Kira replies noticing the black BMW setting outside waiting for her. Nolan stood leaning against the door dressed in a pair of black slacks and a white dress shirt. He was around Kira's age, his eyes a bright blue, his dark brown hair in a side part hair cut, long on the top styled with a five o'clock shadow enhancing his strong jaw. Kira smiles as he meets her halfway," Hello lass," he spoke with a thick Irish accent, kissing her cheek," ready to go?" "Yes," Kira replies softly going to the driver side where he opens the car door. "He must be really trying," Kira thought to herself debating on giving him a chance as she gets into the car.

The drive itself was silent except for the soft sounds of music that filled the air, Kira felt anxious unsure of what to say to this man. They had barely knew each other and yet they were about to be husband and wife. "Could I really do this," Kira thought to herself in a panic," I mean this is insane." "So how are ye liking Charmin," Nolan questions concentrating on the road," I heard ye visited ye mum and sister." "Yeah the visit was nice," Kira answers looking out," I'm kind of fond of Charming. Seems calmer then home." "How about ye going with me," Nolan questions smiling at her," I was wantin to see if ye wanted to come with me back to Ireland. I have a woman that can help ye make the weddin plans." "I'm perfectly fine here," Kira answers trying not to be defensive," my mom and sister can handle it."

Nolan sighs pulling the car over and putting it into park. "Listen love," Nolan looks at her," I would rather ye come to Ireland. I dun like you being in the town with those bikers running around. It's for ye safety and reputation." Kira sat in silence knowing she was in a never ending battle. Instead of sulking she looks at him," when am I suppose to go?" Nolan smiles happily his lips press against hers. "Tonight," he answers with a grin," ye be staying with a woman by the name of Fiona Larkin. She's Jimmy O'Phelan Mrs." Kira couldn't stand Jimmy, but maybe his wife might be nicer. "Alright," Kira answers feeling her heart sank for she knew she wouldn't be able to say her goodbyes," what of my passport and possessions?" "Yer da has already given me your passport love," Nolan replies making a turn," as for your possessions it can always be replaced. It's urgent that  ye be leaving tonight."

By the time they had reach the restaurant Kira wasn't feeling very hungry. Still she knew she needed to try for her sake. Nolan was a proper gentleman, opening the door out taking her hand as they walked inside. The restaurant itself was simple with a classy feel," I hope yer hungry," Nolan guides her inside where the hostess stood. "Oh Mr. Brogan," she spoke with respect," we've got your table ready sir." "Excellent," Nolan spoke with authority," lead the way for me and my lovely fiancee." The hostess whispers to the waiter nearby who leads the couple onto the outside yard where a candle lite dinner awaited them. Nolan pulls back a chair for Kira who sits then he goes to his seat," So love whatcha want for a drink? " "A glass of cabernet sauvignon," Kira answers," I'll start with a simple Caesar salad and then a steak, rare." Nolan order the same handing both of the menu's to the waiter.

"Yer gonna love Belfast," Nolan talked," it's a beautiful place. We can get a place outside on the country side if you like." "It sounds lovely," Kira sips from a wine glass filled with cold water," Can I ask you something." "Go ahead," Nolan grins," anything for my future bride." Kira mentally cringed by how affectionate Nolan was trying to be. Kira sets her glass down," I want to work Nolan," Kira attempts to explain," I worked hard graduating the top of my class. If we are to marry I want to be able to work." "Fair enough," Nolan agrees," as soon as we have kids though you'll have to quit." "I still plan on working even with children," Kira grew annoyed," who said I wanted to have a baby?" Kira knew she never had the desire to have children. It wasn't that she hated children, but she enjoyed her freedom and the luxury of not being responsible for a living being. "Oh yer goin to have a child," Nolan snaps finally Kira could see some of his true colors," it'll be a matter of time." Luckily for Kira she had been on an IUD that last for twelve years she wasn't about to mention it to him.

"Your wine," The waiter interrupts setting the bottle of wine in the middle," your meals will be here shortly." Kira nods grabbing the wine, popping the bottle's seal off and pouring the wine into the glass almost full. "Careful lass," Nolan takes the bottle brushing her fingertips and pouring him a glass too.  Kira drinks about half of it in one drink, she needed something to calm her nerves. "So," Kira spoke wanting to get off topic," when did you want to actually get married?" "Soon love," Nolan replies," grand da wanted it to be done as soon as the church allows it." Kira nods as their plates are brought to them," looks delicious," Kira starts to cut with a knife and fork of the meat. Dinner after that was quiet  Kira then excused herself to the restroom where she tried to call Anya.

"Hey it's Anya unfortunately I can't answer just leave your answer at the end of the beep."


"Hey it's me," Kira spoke feeling tears in her eyes," listen I'm out. I uh am leaving tonight. This isn't your fault Anya."

"Shit," Kira spoke after she hung up her hands shaking uncontrollably. She knew she need to make that one last phone call. As she dials the number her heart pounded, her anxiety was at it's peak as her world started to close in. The dial tone went straight to voice mail. Kira hung up. "Maybe Text would be better."

She types the words:

I love you...

She presses the send deleting her contacts and smashing her cell. "Now they won't be able to find me," She thought as she uses the restroom before walking out putting on that fake image. "Ye ready love?" Nolan kisses her again pulling back he didn't seem to take notice of how her world was slowly falling apart. "Yeah," Kira replies holding his hand," let's go home." Her heart was breaking into a million pieces knowing she was leaving the people she cared about.

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