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Son of a Rambler. by xxftxxb
Son of a Rambler.by xxftxxb
She's done her best to leave the past behind until she gets transferred and everything she prayed would never happen eventually did.
  • hunnam
  • romance
  • charlie
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I Loved My Bully : iKON Bobby Fanfiction by JeniSacramento
I Loved My Bully : iKON Bobby Fanf...by urieeya
A story between the bully and their victim. Will you fall for him or will he fall for you? ~ My second story and my first fanfiction BEST RANKING SO FAR: number 1 in #...
  • bị
  • bully
  • bobby
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Inescapable (Bobby of iKON Fanfic) [COMPLETED] by taebobae
Inescapable (Bobby of iKON Fanfic)...by taebobae
Areum is finally visiting Seoul. The only problem is, her family is too. Which means bodyguards and private cars and no time for herself. All she wanted was to roam arou...
  • fanfic
  • baekhyun
  • 아이콘
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Bobby Kennedy by RCFontana
Bobby Kennedyby R. C. Fontana
  • awesome
  • essay
  • kennedy
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A Broken Heart; A Fracture In The Earth (Destiel) by CherubHugs13
A Broken Heart; A Fracture In The...by Andi Dreams
(PLEASE READ TO UNDERSTAND THE STORY) Each time a person's heart breaks, it creates a fracture or crack in the earth. Dean Winchester lives in the closed off community...
  • castiel
  • love
  • deanwinchester
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Las Aventuras De Millie Y Su Hermanita AVA: cap 2 " LA GARRAPATA" by user617528810836
Las Aventuras De Millie Y Su Herma...by Angie_Wolfhard
hola chicos este es el capitulo2 de la LAS AVENTURA DE MILLIE Y SU HERMANITA AVA si , si ay muchos episodios dale like y sigueme ¡¡¡
  • temporada1
  • brown
  • millie
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What are Penalties for DWI in Austin? by bobbysalehihoustontx
What are Penalties for DWI in Aust...by Bobby Salehi Houston Tx
It is illegal to drive a vehicle in a public place while intoxicated in the state of Texas. Furthermore, the sentences of a DWI conviction are based on the number of ear...
  • salehi
  • tx
  • bobby
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Not Quite The Life I Expected by hum4nb0rr1t0
Not Quite The Life I Expectedby hum4nb0rr1t0
April Harris met the boys through Bobby Singer when she was twenty-two, after her parents were brutally killed by a nest of vamps. She isn't a hunter, but she'll help ou...
  • dean
  • impala
  • cas
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The Summer of Bobby by sallyapple
The Summer of Bobbyby sallyapple
It isn't long before Helen falls in love with Bobby Calloway. But during their summer she realizes she wants more from him than she ever expected. She's willing to throw...
  • bobby
  • teen
  • 1940
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AIB: Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot by OfficJexicaMatthews
AIB: Season 1, Episode 1: Pilotby ᴊᴇxɪᴄᴀ ᴍᴀᴛᴛʜᴇᴡs
Jenny, Lola, Madison, Trey, Katy, and Emily search for Bobby and AJ after Tiny and The Scalper come back and kidnaps them because Lola still has the picture of them with...
  • bobby
  • jenny
  • lola
Don't let Me Know by Ayz_Hime
Don't let Me Knowby Ayuzawa Hime
"Don't Let Me Know, Even if I think I'll be okay and happy I'm a little hurt for some reason I can't escape from the times we were together Even if you meet someon...
  • jiwon
  • random
  • jinhwan
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♡iKON preference♡ by Its_haizum
♡iKON preference♡by Its_haizum
Beware..cuz these adorable cuties/dorks are going to kill you ^.^ You have been warned darling ;)
  • donghyuk
  • bobby
  • june
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The Haunted House and the children. by OliviaMorgan377
The Haunted House and the children.by OliviaMorgan377
My story that I would happily tell you is about 3 children and of course a mum and dad there is 2 girls and 1 boy the girls name camilla and Amber the boys name is Chris...
  • lucy
  • jim
  • leah
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그냥. 아니. [Just. No.] ※ 비아이 판픽 ※ B.I. Fanfic ※ by fyeahgrboy
그냥. 아니. [Just. No.] ※ 비아이 판픽 ※ B.I...by Kise Lisa Ryouta
"I tell you no, just no. Period." She shrugs. "B-but" He stuttered looking at her condition. "Just go away." "No, I won't." &quo...
  • jinhwan
  • love
  • bobby
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US to AU by Horses113
US to AUby Darce
Ash was popular, pretty, hand money and loved to party. Ada was small town, simple, country and oh and she lived half way cross the world. What happens when Ash is throw...
  • ada
  • bobby
  • country
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Twins by xoa_trazi
Twinsby DoubleB ❤
☆Ikon Bobby fic☆
  • kimjiwon
  • ikonfic
  • bobbyfanfic
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Bam Bam (best friend) by Yunuie
Bam Bam (best friend)by YUNIU{~}
Y/N Age:17-19 eye color:blue and black hair color:mostly black and brown apparently in highschool Swears a lot! Bobby age:18-19 eye:brown hair:(your choice) same schoo...
  • bobby
  • kpop
  • ikon
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Supernatural Facebook Chats by glennhrhee
Supernatural Facebook Chatsby hi
^the title
  • ellen
  • castiel
  • supernatural
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Mutants by Kreenbean98
Mutantsby Karina
Bobby will find a new friend who has powers he had never even thought of. He will be challenged by her and he will face challenges of his own but in the end, no matter w...
  • sciencefiction
  • ice
  • iceman
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