DESTINY | KIM HANBIN  by Stella_Rose00
DESTINY | KIM HANBIN by Stella_Rose00
Jung Sarang, she is a cheerful girl before her best friend left her. Blaming herself, locking up herself until she hears a beautiful melody which leads her to be a bette...
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"You were given a chance to become iKON's manager temporarily, but Hanbin doesn't seem to like you very much." "Hey you, YOU, yes YOU, don't ever take my...
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I Loved My Bully : iKON Bobby Fanfiction by JeniSacramento
I Loved My Bully : iKON Bobby urieeya
A story between the bully and their victim. Will you fall for him or will he fall for you? ~ My second story and my first fanfiction BEST RANKING SO FAR: number 1 in #...
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love scenario {kim hanbin} by rayofhanbin
love scenario {kim hanbin}by ri
❝we were in love, we met, that's enough, i loved you.❞ S: 9/6/18 F: 11/22/18
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The New Girl | A HanLice story by thunderspit__
The New Girl | A HanLice storyby shin
[HIATUS] • in which lalisa manoban is the new scholarship student at mirae academy aka rich kids only school •
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Adrenaline Rush (iKon Fanfic) Jinhwan x Reader by tigerice123xxxz
Adrenaline Rush (iKon Fanfic) Get Ready, Showtime!
(Y/N) was in her last year of high school and after half the year passed, her P.E. Teacher switched. Her first thought of him? Damn, he looks good.
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Inescapable (Bobby of iKON Fanfic) [COMPLETED] by taebobae
Inescapable (Bobby of iKON Fanfic) taebobae
Areum is finally visiting Seoul. The only problem is, her family is too. Which means bodyguards and private cars and no time for herself. All she wanted was to roam arou...
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iKON'S Chatroom by yoongisenpai
iKON'S Chatroomby yoongisenpai
Chatroom and cracks
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iKON Imagines by sysyshr
iKON Imaginesby 구준회
english is not my first language but i do it anyways
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A Killer Kind of Love- Happy Lowman fanfic by GamerGirlBre
A Killer Kind of Love- Happy Bre Nicole
Nikkie Ann Teller is Jax Teller's twin sister. Coming home from her fun in L.A. she finds that the guys have patched over a certain killer. One she thought would always...
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He Hates Me | iKON - B.I by Elpidasoo
He Hates Me | iKON - B.Iby Elpidasoo
"Was that all you had?" He said with a cocky look on his face "Yes..." I said with a small voice "Well then...." he leaned on my ear and wh...
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iKON IMAGINES  by sexyyoongi
iKON IMAGINES by n i c
[REQUESTS OPEN] iKON x reader - i'll be putting y/n in every imagines ; )) there will be texts, imagines & scenarios in here
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 iKON imagines  by ilovemykoo
iKON imagines by karylle treyes
imagines where your bias will come to real life. these imagines will turn you crazy! [ Please don't plagiarize ] [ credits for the pictures ] 一 ilovemykoo
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Oh My iKON! [ EDITTING] by yoongisenpai
Oh My iKON! [ EDITTING]by yoongisenpai
Song Ahreum is an orphan that dreams of working in one of the big 3 companies in entertainment, YG ent and lady luck seems to be shining on her as she was accepted to be...
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Being Alone (D. Winchester) by Gerlithequeen
Being Alone (D. Winchester)by Gerli
It's been a year since The Judgment Day. A lot has changed since then. Sam's trapped in the cage with Lucifer and Michael and nothing's been the same since that day. ...
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I Got You. by fthbgbx
I Got fthbgbx
He lost everything, that is until she came back to Charming.
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His Little Sister by morgan900
His Little Sisterby morgan
He was the clubs enforcer and she was the mother charters princess. They're completely different he was cold hearted, she was the most caring person in the club life. He...
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Son of a Rambler. by fthbgbx
Son of a fthbgbx
She's done her best to leave the past behind until she gets transferred and everything she prayed would never happen eventually did.
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  • charliehunnam
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Stranger Things  Imagines by jaeslieberhers
Stranger Things Imaginesby Scott’s tots
scenarios, fanfiction, preferences and imagines based on the Netflix t.v show, Stranger Things.
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iKON Imagines by ChiinieBae
iKON Imaginesby ChiiHunnie
This is my very first time to make an imagine so please be kind to me. All the imagines that I am going to post are entirely from my fangirl mind. If it seems like the s...
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