|Track List for Trail of Disaster|

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Some music that helped inspire the writing of this tale. A huge inspiration was from the song "War of Hearts" by Ruelle. (That has been the main theme for this story).

1. War of Hearts (Acoustic) -Ruelle
2. I Don't Even Care About You-Missio
3.Eyes Closed-Halsey
4. Glitter & Gold-Barnes Courtney
5. Growing Pains-Alessia Cara
6. Wake Up, Sunshine-All Time Low
7. As Above So Below-In This Moment
8. The Phonenix-Fall Out Boy
9. Burning Desire-Lana Del Rey
11. Sexual Hallucination-In This Moment Ft Brent Smith
12. How Did You Love-Shinedown
13. Unbreakable-New Years Day
14 MakeDamnSure-Taking Back Sunday
15. Don't Say A Word-Ellie Goulding
16. Leave-Post Malone
17. Soul-Bones UK
18. Another Life-Motionless in White
19. Heavy In Your Arms-Florence And The Machine
20. I Really Wish I Hated You-Blink 182

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