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For Kira waking up was the worst part as she slowly turned to see the light shining upon her face. Kira raises up slowly feeling her stomach swirl, the taste of old booze and bile filled her throat making her even more nauseated. Her head pounded as she lays back down, she knew she wanted to stay in bed all day. "Oh no you don't," Anya spoke walking inside her room opening the curtains,"you've slept until noon." "Ugh," Kira groans covering her face with a pillow," do I have too?" "Uh yeah," her big sister remarks," look you're the one that had too many tequila shots with Juice only to then throw up on my brand new shoes." "Sorry," Kira sighs slowly getting up to walk past Anya towards the bathroom. "We're going to go see ma today in Stockton," Anya mentions as Kira starts to turn on the facet of the shower, adjusting the water temperature to her liking.

"Oh I mentioned to my boyfriend about the arrange marriage," Anya spoke as Kira gathers her bath stuff for her shower. "Anya why," Kira snaps looking at her sister who didn't seem bothered at all by Kira's annoyance. "Because," Anya answers," he's an important member of SAMCRO. Of course I'm going to tell him since they have to interact with the Russians." Kira rolls her eyes at the blonde," you know it was suppose to be you to have to get married!" Bitterness filled her as she looked at Anya," if you haven't of left I would not be in this shit show now." "Hey," Anya looks at Kira with disgust,"I left with mom while you're prissy ass decided to stay with daddy." "I was eleven," Kira argues," I didn't understand what was going on." "Whatever," Anya's tone was sharp," just hurry up. We're going to mom's when you get done." Kira watches Anya storms off downstairs slamming the door.

Tears swelled in Kira's eyes this wasn't her day not only did she have the worst hangover, but to add icing on the cake an argument with her older sister. Kira grabs her bath stuff walking inside the connecting bathroom. "Maybe a shower would help," the thought ran her mind as she gets in feeling the hot steam against her skin as the hot water pounded her skin. Kira felt confused unsure of what to do about the situation with her sister.

Of course she never wanted to marry Nolan. She wanted to be swept of her feet and to experience actual real love. Sadness crept over Kira as it all became real for her. The truth about it was that she may never get to love the life she chose not until her father passes setting her free. She felt trapped in her own life and there was no way of escaping it. "Why am I even here," She whispered to herself feeling gloomy. After a long shower the water began to get cold, Kira gets out getting dressed in a pair of ripped shorts with lace on the sides and a black tank top underneath was a white micro tube top . Kira decided to leave her long red hair down and keep her make up natural. The last thing she decided were shoes, which she chose a pair of gladiator saddles to go with the outfit. Feeling satisfied with how she looked, Kira grabs her cellphone and small backpack containing her necessities before walking out of her room and downstairs.

"Do you think I did the right thing," Kira overhears Anya speaking to someone causing her to stay silent. "Babe," a man's voice spoke," you told the club, you did the right thing. All you want is the best intentions to help your sister out." "I feel like it's my fault though," Anya sighs," I picked you over Nolan and now my sister has to endure the bullshit that was suppose to go to me." "Maybe that won't happen," the man attempts to comfort her. Kira could see his black curly hair as he pulls her sister close," it's going to work out." Kira decides to make herself noticed walking down to the bottom of the stairs.

"All ready," She smiles pretending to hear none of the conversation," uh this must be the boyfriend." Her voice was uncertain she really didn't know whom her older sister was with. "This is Tig," Anya makes the introduction," my boyfriend. Tig this is Kira the little sister." "Nice to meet you doll," He gives a friendly smile," you party hard." "I heard," Kira blushes with embarrassment.  Tig's cellphone goes off and he answers it leaving the two girls alone. "So is he going with us," Kira questions feeling curious," or is he just visiting?" "Just visiting," He walks back to where the girls stood," listen baby I gotta go work calls." I watch him pull Anya in his arms, whispering something in her ear that caused her to blush. They exchange kisses before he leaves for the door. "You two are cute," Kira teases hoping to put the arguement behind them. "That he is," Anya blushes," come on let's go see mama." "Yes," Kira agrees," let's go."

The two girls walk outside, Kira getting into the car messing with her phone while Anya locks up. A text message pops up alerting Kira:


Hey It's Juice, Just wanted to say I had a hell of a good time with ya. Anyways hope to see you soon.

"What's wrong," Anya ask as she gets into the driver seat of the car. "Nothing," Kira smiles," Just a message from Juice." "Juice," Anya shakes her head," he's a cutie and what do you know he's single." Kira rolls her eyes at her sister," I think we're just good friends." "For now," Anya teases as she twist the key in the ignition, putting the car into gear and backing it out of the driveway," you're turn for music." "Aight," Kira replies as the two ladies leave to visit their mother.

                                                                          Author's note:

I do apologize for the late update. I just started my first solid week at my new job and it's just been a weird adjustment. Anyways I hope everyone enjoys this Chapter. I appreciate all the votes, comments and most of all the support for this mad tale. As I promised I'm trying to keep the chapters a bit shorter than what I normally write. My main goal is to have more chapters within this tale and to improve on sticking with the plot line. I tend to get a bit distracted and stray away slightly. I do hope everyone is safe and doing well.

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