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He lifts her up, feeling her legs wrap around his waist as he carries her towards the bedroom. "Filip," Kira giggles in the moment as they fall upon the bed together, his hand goes from her shoulders moving down towards her breast noticing the tiny piece of jewelry. "Interesting piercings" he tugs watching her bite her lip lightly," a woman of secrets." Kira raises up her lips meeting his as she slowly unbuttons his dress shirt. "Move back," Kira commands," and stand for me Filip," Chibs gets up from the bed tossing his shirt upon the floor waiting on her further instructions. Kira crawls upon the edge of the bed, undoing his belt, her delicate hands sliding his jeans and underwear down exposing him. "Mmm," her lips wrap around him working her way down to his base before sliding back up."Oh God," Chibs moans as she continues sucking him, her hands playing with his balls," keep going lass." Kira continues going as deep as she could almost gagging. She could feel Chibs' hands wrap around her hair as her head moves back and forth continuing a steady pace. At some point she pulls back her head to catch air only to go back deep throating him as much as she could. The more she worked his cock, the louder his moans gotten, it was the hottest thing she had ever heard.

"My turn love," Chibs spoke as he kicked off the rest of his clothes," lay down for me." Kira moves backwards, laying down. He was the most sexiest man she had ever seen as he towered over her like a God. Chibs crawls upon the bed his lips meeting hers as he undoes her bralette exposing her breast. "God you're beautiful love," his lips teasing her flesh as his head wonders from her breast towards her hip," let's see how wet ye are for me." Chibs lowers his head down past her waist, his teeth teasing her thighs before he has a taste of her. His tongue teases her entrance before dipping into her. "Filip," she purrs his name feeling her orgasm build, her fingers intertwined in his hair. "You taste delicious," Chibs looks up at her causing her to let go, clutching the pillow. Kira catches her breath as Chibs slides his finger inside of her, moving in a steady rhythm before inserting another. Kira's legs start to twitch as she rode orgasm after orgasm causing her throw back her head screaming his name.

"I need you inside of me," Kira begs feeling Chibs slid both his fingers out he turns towards his side table, pulling out an aluminum packet. "Bare with me love," he tears the packet sliding on the condom before tossing the wrapper," you ready?" Kira nods relaxing as he climbs over her sliding himself inside of her. She could feel her body stretch adjusting to his length as she followed his rhythm. "Fuck," Kira moans as Chibs hits her g-spot," Filip please don't stop, don't stop." Chibs increase the pace, grabbing her hips roughly as he pounded harder his lips pressing against hers. Kira road through the climax, her legs in the air, her back arched as Chibs buried himself deeper. "Love," Chibs starts to moan," I dun think I can last long," he could feel Kira clench him tighter and tighter. "Faster," Kira could feel the tears of pleasure in her eyes," fuck me faster Filip." "Kira," Chibs groans as they both climaxed together, both out of breath overwhelmed by the most blowing sex.

Afterwards Kira gets up showering alone feeling emotionally vulnerable

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Afterwards Kira gets up showering alone feeling emotionally vulnerable. Sure the sex was amazing, but now what. He wasn't the first man she had slept with, but the fact that she still hadn't mention the force engagement was almost causing her to feel guilty. By the time Kira gotten out dressed in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Kira walks back into the living room towards the kitchen where the backdoor was open. There Chibs sat outside shirtless, with a cigarette in hand smoking quietly. "Hey," Kira spoke plopping into a nearby lawn chair, "Hi love," Chibs spoke smiling at her. The two sat in a comfortable silence," I didn't know you had tattoos," Chibs mentions," it's a beautiful design." "Peonies," Kira stretches," it's my favorite flower. I got it a few weeks after I got my nipples pierced in college." " You are just full of surprises love," Chibs laughs looking out into the yard.

"So what's the deal with your chest piece," Kira questions," and who's Kerrianne?" "The chest piece is because I like money," Chibs replies taking a drag from his cigarette," as for the word, Kerrianne, that's the name of my daughter who is still in Ireland." "What happen," Kira felt curious listening to him. "She and my wife were taken from me," Chibs answers," by a man name  Jimmy O'Phelan." Kira's blood runs cold hearing the name knowing that this was hitting too close for comfort. "I'm so sorry Filip," Kira masked the million things that were running in her mind," have you thought of getting your wife and child back?" "No love," Chibs answers," Fiona and I have a complicated relationship. I think the damage is done for her and I to be together." "I see," Kira could hear the ringtone from her cellphone play loudly in her pocket," excuse me I think it may be Anya." She gets up leaning forward kissing Chibs before walking inside.

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