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Time felt as if it stood still as Chibs leaned back in the chair feeling uncomfortable. It had been hours since Aoife and Juice had left still no luck for Kira waking up."Please Lord," He prays silently holding his rosary," I've not been the best man nor has our relationship been that great," he pauses looking over at her who laid peacefully," please let her live." His eyes grew heavy from the lack of sleep Chibs almost dozed off when his burner vibrated in his pocket. Getting up he walks over towards the window," Yeah," He spoke tiredly his body feeling stiff as he watched the rain continue to pour. "Hey, how is she," Jax questions as the group made their preparations to get Nolan. "She's stable," he answers with honesty," been waitin on her to wake up." "Hang in there," Jax tries to remain positive," listen we're grabbing Brogen tonight." "I'll grab Juicy," Chibs replies," we'll be on our way. The girl that brought her in can stay with her." "You sure you are going to be ready for this," Jax questions worried about his fellow brother," I mean I know you have a lot on your plate-"  "I'm good Jackie Boy," Chibs replies looking over at her," let's end this shite with Brogan tonight." He hangs up pushing his hair back sighing. Chibs then walks over towards Kira kissing her forehead," I love you," he whispers pushing a strain of her hair out of the way," at some point, we're going to have to talk about marriage and ye getting mi crow love."

It didn't take too long before Chibs found his way to the cafeteria where he saw Juice flirting with Aoife. "Let's go," Chibs interrupts causing Juice to turn seeing the older man. "Everything Okay," He raises an eyebrow. "Yeah work," Chibs replies not wanting to get into details of the club business in front of the strange woman. "Okay," Juice attempts to get up knocking his knee upon the table almost dumping his coffee everywhere," sorry," he blushes to look at Aoife. "No problem," She replies," uh guess I'll see the two of you later?" "Will ye watch out for Kira for me," Chibs asks hoping she'd be  cool with it the young woman sips her coffee," Of course I have nothin better else to do." Chibs nods," Call if any changes," Chibs then turns away followed by Juice. "Find any information about her," Chibs questions as they get into the parking lot. "Yeah," Juice answers," her name is Aoife Ryan. She's twenty-seven working as a pharmacy tech. Supposedly her parents are loaded, but she's estranged from them." "Hmm," Chibs replies lighting up a cigarette as they get to their ride," ye seem to be into her." "Uh," Juice hesitates," she's hot that's for sure. I even managed to snag her personal cell and address to see her before we leave again."

"Atta boy Juicy," Chibs spoke concentrating on driving all he could think of was life becoming normal again and Kira being home. "So what's going on," Juice cracks the window lighting his cigarette. " Jax says they've gotten Nolan," he answers making a turn," we're going to get our revenge tonight for our Kira." "Good," He takes another drag," I'm ready to go home now sick of this dreary weather that Ireland has." "Ye get used to it," Chibs replies turning towards the abandoned warehouses that SAMBEL uses for work. The two men get out walking up to where Jax stood by the door smoking quietly. "He's in there," Jax replies," Hap has everything set up for ya." "Thank you Jackie Boy," Chibs smiles, his demeanor changes to something sinister as he walks inside followed by Juice who shuts the door.

All Chibs wanted was Nolan to be eliminated and to suffer for hurting the one woman he loved. The bastard after hours of torture the bastard wasn't giving Chibs the satisfaction of suffering as Chibs had wanted. "Chibs," Juice spoke as he watched the horror that had been unleashed," he's not going to give in." "I know," He sighs in frustration taking a deep breath before grabbing the same knife that Nolan had used to stab Kira with. With brute force Chibs slams it into Nolan's stomach, twisting it deeper into his flesh. "I loved her," Nolan whispers in Chibs' ear," I loved her too much to give her to you." Before Nolan could finish Chibs snatches the blade out, slitting Nolan's throat tossing the blade upon the floor. "Get a prospect to clean this shit up," Chibs orders spitting on Nolan. Chibs then storms passed Juice, his hand shaking as he goes outside to light him another cigarette. "Fuck," Juice mumbles under his breath feeling sick to his stomach as he starts to clean. He couldn't deal with much of the horror that he had just seen and needed to do whatever it took to get his mind off of what he had just witness.

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Woot Woot Nolan is eliminated. I do hope everyone is doing well with everything. Work has been mega crazy and it's just a hard adjustment period with stress and whatnot. Anyways Probably a Chapter or Two before this tale actually ends. Anyways stay safe!

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