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Weeks had passed as Kira attempted to figure out how to tell the Sons that Abel was in Ireland. Guilt overwhelmed her, "they have to be worried about him," she thought to herself watching Jax's baby boy playing happily with his toys. Kira looks down realizing she was clutching the burner she had purchased tightly in her hands. "Here goes nothing," she spoke softly double checking that Nolan wasn't home. The phone rings as Kira sat anxiously her leg bouncing up and down," hello," Anya's voice spoke half asleep. "Anya," Kira's tone is a bit on edge," listen Abel's here in Ireland." "What the fuck," Anya replies puzzled," what do you mean Kira?" "Cameron brought him a few weeks ago," Kira pauses," look I needed to get a burner and what not. Nolan said we're adopting him. I don't want to be a mom Anya, but I needed to keep him safe." "I'll let the club know," her voice is cold. Kira starts to panic," listen I didn't know Anya. What the hell is going on in Charming?" "Kips' dead," Anya snaps," Kips' dead for protecting Tara and Abel. Cameron kidnapped Abel out of revenge and the guys have been looking for him nonstop."

Kira felt her chest tightening," Shit Jax's is probably on a war path," the sicking feeling in her stomach overwhelmed her," look Anya I don't know what's going on. Nolan is keeping me out of the loop." "Figure out what side you're on Kira before it's too late," Kira could feel bile rise up her throat, "I'll be in touch keep the burner with you." She hangs up before Kira could finish her explanation. Hours passed Kira had managed to get Abel settled down, putting him to bed and bringing the baby monitor outside on the porch with her. Fear it was a funny thing for Kira as she sat stewing in her thoughts. "What the fuck do I do," She pulls out a pack of cigarettes, pulling the slender stick out alongside her lighter. She lights it taking a long drag filling the smoke into her lungs before exhaling out. The light sound of crickets filled her ears," come on Anya," she mumbles to herself," I would never betray you."

In a matter of weeks Kira's burner vibrated in her pocket before answering Kira peaked out her office door checking to make sure Nolan wasn't here. "Hello," she spoke softly handing a Abel a pair of teething keys to play with. "Hey darlin," Jax's smooth voice fills her ear," It's Jax. Are you alone?" "Yes," Kira answers cautiously," he's not here." "Good," he replies smoothly," listen I know you have Abel. Keep him safe. The guys and I are making a trip to come get him." "Jax," Kira's voice almost startles her," listen I don't want to be in this marriage. If he finds out I'm good as dead." "I won't let that happen darlin," Jax answers," listen we've got a plan just sit tight." "How is he," Kira questions feeling her cheeks heat she missed him even to this day. "Chibs is fine," Jax answers," still missing you. I had no clue you two were together." "I still love him Jax," Kira sighs feeling tears stream from her cheeks," I had to do what my father had demanded."

Kira heard the door alarm chirp," he's home listen keep me posted," she hangs up hiding the phone in her desk praying Nolan wouldn't find it. Kira looked at her paperwork pretending to be busy. "Hey babe," Nolan walks in taking off his tie," how is everything?" "Everything is fine," Kira answers with a fake smile," listen what were you wanting for dinner?" "I don't know ye want to eat out. Take the boy too?" Kira nods," yeah let me get myself and Abel ready." "Sounds like a plan," he kisses her again tasting the cigarette from her lips," babe please stop smoking." "Okay," She smiles picking up Abel and following him out of her office.

Author's Note:

Hopefully Everyone enjoys this chapter. It's kind of a filler, but hopefully there will be more excitement soon. Anyways working on a few other projects as well. Anyways stays safe<3

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