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Stockholm Syndrome ✔ by nklngrm
Stockholm Syndrome ✔by Nikolina Grimm
"What I did a year ago I didn't do because of love. I didn't love you, Louis, I still don't love you. I just sympathized you, felt sorry for you- There's a differen...
Mobs and roundabouts by Lasagnaandchips
Mobs and roundaboutsby 🦕
The angel of death. That's what they called me. Over the years I've grown quite fond of the nickname. Natalia Petrova was homeless, hidden beneath the alleyways. That wa...
John Wick: Baba Yaga and the Blue Demon by PinkyPantherPie
John Wick: Baba Yaga and the GillytheFirebug
Emotionally Distant Russian Assassin famously known as the Blue Demon stumbles across John Wick the Boogeyman. John is hired to bring her to the High Table. Will John fo...
Maxwell Stauros in :The Politicians Keeper by jeffreycrosbie1
Maxwell Stauros in :The jeffreycrosbie1
Maxwell Stauros is an ex-district attorney turned Private Eye. Written in First person this mystery is about blackmail child abuse and paparazzi set in San Francisco. An...
The Dark Shield by DLMolnar
The Dark Shieldby DLMolnar
It 1950's and young F.B.I agent name Sam Miller who just got out undercover work in the mob circles. His work did bring down a mob family, but it not the clear for him h...
Mine Until The End by domonique_writes
Mine Until The Endby Domonique
A dark Mafia story.. Kenon- She's mine until the end. There's no if ands or buts about it. She belongs to me and only me. I will gladly kill any who seek to harm her. I...
Cold Hearted by ElisaThonrud
Cold Heartedby Elisa
There was two families in st.Petersburg, Russia. It was in the 1968, the two families hadn't have big fight since the late 1800s. But suddenly one day one of the heir, o...
Dead End  by _Afrosamurai25_
Dead End by Blackqueenbitches12
I'm not good at descriptions so...
A Teacher's Confession  by AngryBoxerGirl913
A Teacher's Confession by Larissa Jordaan
It's not about fighting for him. It's not even about fighting for freedom. It's definitely not fighting about the death of my twin sister and my parents or any of that...
Rose Jones: Death of the Good by StevenDiamond
Rose Jones: Death of the Goodby StevenDiamond
Rose Jones guides you through her life as an army nurse, a Lieutenant, a daughter, a mother, a murderer, and an asshole who's not actually an asshole.