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The car fell a little silent between Kira and Anya as they drove towards Stockton. "So do you like him," Anya questions curious about Kira's love life," I mean Juice is a pretty sweet guy. I mean you and him would be cute together." Kira looks over at her sister shaking her head," I think he and I are just friends." She knew she didn't want to risk a disaster while still being engaged to Nolan," Besides with the whole situation with Nolan I don't think it's really a good idea to get involve with anyone." "Fuck Nolan," Anya spoke annoyed," you need to live your life for your own. I've said it before go wild you're safe with me." Kira sits quietly listening to the music from the radio.

She knew her sister had a point, but still that fear of disobeying her father scared her. She wasn't a little girl anymore and knew it was okay to do adult things. Kira sighs feeling frustrated realizing how truly trapped she was. Her cell phone vibrated in her pocket catching Kira's attention to pull it from her pocket. "Shit it's Nolan," Kira feels her stomach sink in dread," I wonder if he's aware of how fucking shitfaced I had gotten?" "Just act calm," Anya encourages," and natural," Anya then turns down the music as Kira answers. "Hello," Kira spoke putting on that good girl persona. "Kira love," his thick Irish accent popped," Just checking to see how ye were." "I made it safe to my sisters," Kira spoke feeding him just a bit of information to satisfy him," we're going to see our mother now." "Okay," Nolan replies Kira was curious to why he bothered calling," listen love behave okay. I gotta go business to attend too." Kira hangs up feeling even more empty and lost then she did before. "Things are going to be okay," Anya's voice interrupts the silence," just keep your chin up."

"Well see about that," Kira's voice was soft as she continued to stare out the window. Sadness overwhelmed her as she thought about her life situation. "There's no way I'm going to escape this," she thought to herself feeling sick to her stomach," maybe this is honestly what I'm suppose to do." Between the long drive and the lack of sleep Kira managed to doze off. "Hey sis," Anya shakes her," come on we're at ma's." Kira looks up in front of her seeing an old white house with dark green shudders standing before her. The house looked old, already settled in with a chain length fence and a concrete walkway. Anya had already gotten out of the car and was already walking up the porch steps as Kira gets out, stretching her legs before following.

There Kira stopped dead in her tracks seeing an older woman with strawberry blonde hair in her early fifties wearing a pair white capris, a pink tank top and a white cardigan hugging Anya. The woman looks over seeing Kira," my youngest baby," She moves from Anya towards her," Oh how I've missed you." Kira hasn't seen her mother in years in fact the last time Kira had saw her mother was right before she went off to college. "Mama," Kira's voice cracks she knew she was getting emotional," Oh mama." The older woman looks at her girls with a smile," Anya. Kira. My beautiful girls under one room," their mother spoke with tears in her eyes," come on in Ed should be getting home from work." The three women walk inside the home, inside the home was cozy with a little bit of cluttered. The girl's mother, Angela," goes to the kitchen to set a kettle of water upon the stove to heat up for tea. "So tell me," Angela looks at bother her daughters," what is this rumor I heard that Viktor has made an arrange marriage."

About an hour later and lots of tea Angela finally hears the story about how Kira is betrothed to marry Declan Brogan's grandson, the Irish prince. "Sweetheart," Angela looks at Kira gripping her mug," you don't have to do this. I don't care what your father says. You always have a home here." "Mom I don't think it's going to be that easy," Kira replies before sipping her tea, " The Brogans are a highly respected family. This could seal the deal for the gun trade for the Russians." "Are you happy though Kira," Angela questions concerned about her daughter's well being," I mean could you seriously go through marrying a stranger?" "I don't know," Kira lies avoiding the looks from bother her mother and sister," I mean it'd make father happy."  Angela looks at Anya," You are brainwashed child all Viktor cares about is his work. He is using you as a pawn."The young woman picks at her nails nervously realizing how much of a people pleasure she was. God Kira hated to admit that her mother and sister were right Kira needs to get out of the situation quick.

"So what's the plan," Kira looks up looking at the two," I mean I can't just say oh hi dad I'm not getting married." "Why not," Anya looks at her nonchalantly," I mean that's what I did." "I uh," Kira looks down ashamed,"I don't know." Feeling conflicted she gets up from the table walking outside for fresh air. "Kira," Anya walks out not to long after," we gotta go I have to work at the bar. Come on say goodbye to ma." Kira nods walking back into the house embracing my mother and making the promise to come back sometime. Kira ended up leaving with even more confusion.She knew at some point decisions would have to be made. The question was would she be able to withstand the fall?

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