Force To Be Reckoned With [Happy Lowman x OC] by gracethetall1
Force To Be Reckoned With [Happy grace
Vivienne Reid is the matriarch of her late father's criminal enterprise. An independent woman's lifestyle is threatened when she partners up with SAMCRO and is faced wit...
  • happylowman
  • samcro
  • lowman
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The  Youngest Winston by kaekat18
The Youngest Winstonby kaekat18
Harley Joel Winston is the younger sister of Opie Winston, and the daughter of first nine member Piney Winston. What happens when she returns home after doing time in th...
  • tigtrager
  • wattys2018
  • samcro
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escalate | sons of anarchy. by samcrosfaith
escalate | sons of Dani.
|Jax Teller x OC| After her mother's death, Claire moved to Charming with her father four years ago. She was only seventeen at the time, but life went on. Her father ch...
  • sonsofanarchyfanfic
  • violence
  • phoebetonkin
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Return of The Samcro Princess by kaekat18
Return of The Samcro Princessby kaekat18
After years of being away, Audrey Teller comes back in to town to be with her family. Will an old flame be rekindled or will everything go to hell with the SAMCRO Prince...
  • originalcharacter
  • samcro
  • opiewinston
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Stone Cold || Chibs Telford/Sons Of Anarchy Fanfic by thatfandomwhore
Stone Cold || Chibs Telford/Sons thatfandomwhore
Love comes when you least expect it, and with people you've never dreamed of.
  • tragedy
  • love
  • claymorrow
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Family(SOA fanfiction)  by Gallagher_Girl_20
Family(SOA fanfiction) by chelsie
Nikki "Nyx or Little Killah" Winston hasn't seen her family since she was abandon. Fighting her way through killing people in the process she finds her dad and...
  • tig
  • gemma
  • jax
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I Got You. by fthbgbx
I Got fthbgbx
He lost everything, that is until she came back to Charming.
  • samcro
  • crime
  • ryanhurst
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Inked Skin - a sons of anarchy fanfic by Mxb123
Inked Skin - a sons of anarchy Mxb123
"Some people believe that the tattoos on their skin tell a story"I whisper quietly looking up to him "but others believe they are how you tell a persons...
  • sonsofanarchy
  • trager
  • munson
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Roots Run Deep by PBBWriter
Roots Run Deepby PBBWriter
Coming back to town proves to be eye opening for Katie Feldstein. After years away, Katie returns to her summer home to visit family and meets a whole new world of stran...
  • soa
  • sonsofanarchy
  • samcro
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Loving Bethany Trager | H.L | S.O.A | by _kaysss_x
Loving Bethany Trager | H.L | Kays🎀
The guys go to Belfast in able to get Jax's son back, but what happens when they find out that Maureen Ashby is keeping a pretty big secret from Alexander Trager. Will S...
  • claymorrow
  • samcro
  • hunnam
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Lady Mayhem  by gooseclark
Lady Mayhem by Goose
"On the left side of a strong woman, stands a strong man; he is strengthened by her character." - Ellen J. Barrier I've had this story set in my head since th...
  • redwoodoriginal
  • opiewinston
  • jacksonteller
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She's A Bullet|| A Sons Of Anarchy FF by kaiilanii
She's A Bullet|| A Sons Of King kailani ♥︎
He sits next to me, careful to avoid my hair thats splayed out around my head like blood. A bullet to the forehead, boom, blond waves everywhere.
  • chibs
  • bobby
  • clay
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Learning to Love by Haley_1130
Learning to Loveby Hales
Sophie Mitchell has changed her life around for the better, but there is a certain thing that will forever remind her of her former life. Happy/OC Disclaimer: I do not o...
  • samcro
  • happylowman
  • sonsofanarchy
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No Place to Hide by Crash519
No Place to Hideby Natasha Repington
When Tasha comes face to face with the reality that her ex has found her again, she needs a place to run to. She finds herself back in her home town. Finding refuge with...
  • soa
  • samcro
  • happylowman
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Life in The Fastlane(Fast and Furious/Sons Of Anarchy)[Re-editing] by XoXRhCF99XoX
Life in The Fastlane(Fast and Rita
Brianna is Dom and Mias little sister who is extremly into Street racing like Dom Bri leaves her hometown to Charming after her Boyfriend Daniel starts hitting her, when...
  • paulwalker
  • domtoretto
  • vindisel
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Samcro's Princess by Girl__Online
Samcro's Princessby Bethany Xx
Bethany Teller is Jax Teller's 16-year-old daughter. Bethany is just trying to have fun, but it always seems to land her in trouble. Can she handle the club's problems...
  • chibstelford
  • sonsofanarchy
  • tigtrager
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A Second Chance {SOA ● Jax Teller} (ON HIATUS) by SOAROCKS
A Second Chance {SOA ● Jax Teller} SOAROCKS
(ON HIATUS) Not sure for how long. Gianna Kroes grew up in Charming. Her father Daniel Kroes was co-founder of The Sons Of Anarchy. He never wanted his daughter to be ap...
  • soa
  • sonsofanarchy
  • jaxteller
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I saw you first (Sons of Anarchy Fanfic) by SRose21
I saw you first (Sons of Anarchy SRose21
The sons will protect you Chibs/oc
  • romance
  • newbook
  • chibs
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Going Home by Crash519
Going Homeby Natasha Repington
Tasha is fonding herself in a heap of trouble when she discovers that her new line of work is catching up to her and threatening her life. She runs to the only place sh...
  • bobbymunson
  • tigtragger
  • samcro
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Home by lifeshandful
Homeby lifeshandful
Life changes but it stays the same even as time wears on. Will Storm even be able to escape the fate she was born into...
  • ortiz
  • jax
  • trager
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