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Kira sat nursing a beer and some bar food alone with a pair of headphones in her ears. Music flooded her ears. She thought of how her life would be if she was an ordinary woman living in Charming, not some mob daughter in disguise. Unaware she didn't noticed a familiar face walking in sitting beside her. "Hey," he spoke smiling at Kira who looked like she was in her own world, absorbed in the music as she eats her meal. "Kira," he pokes her with his finger tips, Kira turns removing her headphones looking at Juice," Hey I didn't know you were sitting there," she smiles pulling him into a hug catching the familiar scent of weed and leather blended with his natural scent. "Anya is working today," Kira spoke feeling bored," we just went to see our ma." Juice noticed sadness filled her eyes," everything okay?" "I'm fine," She lies taking the last bite of her hamburger," so what are your plans today?"  "Going to my shop," He smiles," you wanna go. It's a a dispensary shop. Perfectly legal." "I've never been to a weed shop," Kira replies sipping the last of her drink," but it does sound fun. Let's go."

By the time the Juice showed Kira around explaining the different types of buds and their medicinal purposes Kira was left in awe. "This is amazing," she spoke looking around the shop admiring the calm atmosphere and homey design. "Thanks," He smiles looking at her," you wanna try a few samples?" "Juice I," She pauses uncomfortably," I've never smoked weed or done any kind of drugs in my life."  "Let's start with something smooth," Juice leads her to the back of the shop, there he pulls out a sample of one of their beginner friendly buds, grinding it into smaller pieces.  Juice then pours the herb onto the paper before rolling it into a thin joint.

He places it between his lips lighting it and taking a long drag before holding it out to Kira. "You're turn," he replies blowing out the smoke. The skunk scent from the weed filled her nostrils. "Okay," Kira takes it taking a long drag filling her lungs with the smoke before exhaling in a coughing fit " fuck," she catches her breath taking another quick drag. Kira felt a warmness surround her as she relaxed. "You okay," Juice questions in a big brotherly manner. "This is amazing," she chuckles looking at him," all the head noise is gone." "Exactly," Juice takes the joint from my hand taking another drag," it's peaceful." Together the two sat smoking in silence, Kira falls back into a chair her eyes feeling a little heavy," I could get use to this." She smiles looking at Juice," Could I work here ya know put my degree to good use?" "Yeah," He nods," I'll put you on pay roll you can do the writing for product descriptions and whatever else that needs to be done." "I'll take it," Kira replies before getting up," let's smoke some more."

Hours passed as Kira slept soundly only to be awaken to hearing a Scottish accent that sent shivers up her spine. Kira stretches getting up feeling stiff as she made her way towards the front where she sees Juice and Chibs hanging around. "Juicy Boy," Chibs spoke loudly," this is some good shite." "Thanks man," Juice looks over seeing Kira," Chibs uh this is Kira." "Aye we've met before," his dark brown eyes look up staring at her," quiet the wild one." "Yeah," Kira looks at her feet feeling a bit embarrassed," sorry of that. I had way to much to drink."

"No need to explain lass," His voice made her melt," I was wondering if ye wanted to hang out sometime. Maybe go for a ride or grab a bite to eat." "That would be amazing," Kira replies," when did you want to do this?" "How about tonight," Chibs answers," I could pick you up around Seven." "Then it's a date," Kira replies wanting to take back the comment. "Aye it is," He grins before handing Juice the cash for his purchase," I'll talk to you later Juicy," he starts to leave only to stop to look at Kira's direction," I'll see you lass tonight." Chibs walks out the shop doors leaving Juice and Kira standing there. "He never really goes for dates," Juice remarks," you must have left an impression on him the night we were partying." "I must have," Kira 's voice was soft as she realize what she had just done. "Just enjoy life a little," she thought to herself going back to helping Juice a few more hours in the store.

Author's Note:

I'd like to say thanks to Lulu for the idea and helping me get back on track to writing. You're amazing doll. If anyone hasn't go check out her story, Pixie First Daughter of Anarchy,

following the link below:


It's an amazing story filled with comedy, romance and adventure. I personally love it!

Anyways keep your eyes peeled for more updates.

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