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The rain poured upon the Belfast streets as she walked into the same diner that she had met Jax in. It was going to be a gloomy day today and something in Kira's gut knew that her life was about to change. She opens the door catching the scent of coffee filling her nostrils, "Take a breath, Kira," Juice spoke in the mic that was hidden in her left ear," just be brave. We're right there with you." Kira clutches her bag tightly, taking a deep breath before walking over towards the table where Nolan Brogan sat. "Nolan," She spoke nervously sitting in front of him. Nolan was on his cell yet once again talking business. "Will call ye back in a bit," Nolan spoke ignoring his wife's presents," yeah okay bye." He hangs up looking at her," Kira," he slides his cell into his pocket," so what do I owe this pleasurable visit from ye?" The redhead took a deep breath pulling out a folder filled with paperwork," I need you to sign these Nolan," her voice was smooth, calm sliding it forward to him. Nolan opens it, skimming the content," a divorce," he questions raising an eyebrow. "Yes," Kira says matter of factly," listen I want nothing from you Nolan except my freedom."

It was almost a smack in the face, Nolan knew she was leaving him for that biker asshole. "I gave you everything you wanted Kira," with his cocky tone he leans down looking at her" you do realize what you are asking is almost impossible." "Bullshit," she slams her hands upon the table alarming some of the customers," you don't want this marriage. You are already fucking someone else which doesn't bother me in the least." He sighs feeling frustrated so she knew about his late nights with Claire, the one whom he truly loved, but due to unforeseen circumstances, his grandfather disapproved of the relationship. Nolan looks at Kira sighing," This isn't going to end well you know this Kira. My grandfather is going to lose his shite over this." "That's your problem Nolan," she wasn't about to back down," give me what I want and just sign the damn papers." "Okay," He pulls out his pen feeling a bit of relief as he starts to sign the paperwork," you need to get out of Ireland fast. Never come back." Kira felt a wash of relief watching, it would be a matter of days before it's finalized, but with the help of SAMCRO's lawyer, the process would move quickly. 

Nolan slides the paperwork back into the folder handing it back to her," you know Kira I did care for ye." He did in his own way loved her, but he knew deep down inside his love wasn't enough for her heart was already full by another. "He better take good care of ye," he smiles warmly at her," now go run from Ireland as fast as ye can. Never come back beautiful." Kira nods hugging him," thank you, Nolan," she starts to cry," thank you for doing this. Go be with the one you actually love." "Afraid I can't love," his eyes were cold, calculated Kira felt a sharp pain in her stomach she looks down to see the handle of one of Nolan's personal knife that was always hidden in his coat pocket. She looks up in horror unable to form words as he twisted the blade, sinking it deeper, her knees became weak as she fell upon the cold tile floor. "Oh my God," a patron screamed gasping Nolan look up giving a deadly look causing fear. Kira laid still stunned watching Nolan pulling the knife out of her, wiping it with a handkerchief as he walking away.

"Kira," Juice voice yells within her ear," what's going on?" She couldn't speak she laid in shock her hands holding the wound as she bled out. "Somebody gets this woman help," a young woman screams looking down at her," it's going to be okay lass. Just hang in there." "Filip," she chokes panicked she started to feel cold. In a matter of moments, flashbacks of her and Chibs flooded her memories as the reaper crept closer. "Kira," Juice yells again the woman realizes the mic in Kira's ear. The woman pulls it out of her ear sliding it into hers, "This isn't Kira," her accent was thick she had to keep Kira stabled at least until the paramedics arrive.  "Who the hell is this," Juice questions his anxiety running rapidly. "Aoife," she answers," listen I'm staying with Miss Kira please meet me at the hospital okay." Aoife could tell he was a bit panic, I mean who wouldn't this could possibly be her boyfriend and with the chaos that she just saw with Brogan, it had to be some form of nasty business.

By the time paramedics arrived, they managed to get Kira stabled. Aoife followed almost about to crawl into their cab. "Excuse me miss," a paramedic spoke," are ye kin to her?" "Friend," She lies hoping her lie works out," listen I need to make sure she's going to pull through." They nod allowing her to slip in. Aoife stayed out of the way allowing them to work on Kira, "Who the hell is this girl," Aoife thought to herself aware that this woman was neck-deep with the Irish Kings. "Are you still there," Juice's voice spoke catching her attention," Uh yeah," she tried to remain calm lifting up her cell pretending she was making a phone call," Listen we're twenty minutes from the Belfast Community Hospital. I'm wearing a white t-shirt and black skinny jeans," she replies," my hair color is silver." "Okay," he takes a deep breath she wasn't sure what to expect from this guy.

They managed to arrive in leaving Aoife luckily she had a few friends in the field that promised to leave her tabs. Aoife excused herself walking outside to catch some fresh air," shite," she mumbles feeling her cell vibrate. Aoife lifts up her cell to answer," Hey it's the guy from the mic," Juice replies knowing he needed to keep his calm," look I know you probably have a lot of questions. I can't answer them. You have to stay with her. Please for her safety." Aoife takes a deep breath," Okay," there was doubt in her voice. "I know I'm sorry," Juice chimes in," look I'm Juice. I'll be staying in touch with you. Got it." "Fine," Aoife answers," listen I gotta get off I need to talk to the doctors. I'm sure we'll talk again." She hangs up feeling uneasy," what the feck have I gotten miself into," she questions to herself before walking back inside to check on her new friend.

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