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Candy Roses by Anglophile1971
Candy Rosesby Anglophile
Aubrey Daniels owns the newest business in Charming. Candy Roses is a small boutique bakery that just opened and has residents like Gemma Teller-Morrow singing the owner...
The  Youngest Winston by kaekat18
The Youngest Winstonby kaekat18
Harley Joel Winston is the younger sister of Opie Winston, and the daughter of first nine member Piney Winston. What happens when she returns home after doing time in th...
Forbidden Love by EddieGirl5509
Forbidden Loveby Lindsey B.
Lindsey grew up in small town in California called Charming. Her parents die tragically when she is little and has no next of kin so her best friend Jax Teller's mom rai...
Sister Of SAMCRO ~ Tig Trager by MelissaJames22
Sister Of SAMCRO ~ Tig Tragerby MelissaJames22
"The day I fell for you was the day I started calling you Alex." Tessa (Tess) Winston, younger sister of Opie Winston, daughter of Piney and Mary Winston, and...
Return of The Samcro Princess by kaekat18
Return of The Samcro Princessby kaekat18
After years of being away, Audrey Teller comes back in to town to be with her family. Will an old flame be rekindled or will everything go to hell with the SAMCRO Prince...
Time changes everything // SOA fanfic by Jadenina1995
Time changes everything // SOA Jadenina1995
Being the sister of a porn star is hard what's worse is being the estranged wife of the man nicknamed 'killer' Or Returning home for your...
With the Wind by theprettyrecklss
With the Windby theprettyrecklss
The town of Charming has been eerily quiet and for any outlaw that is an unsettling feeling. What happens when an old lover struts into a town she once called home with...
Here She Comes by SOAFanfiction
Here She Comesby Sons of Anarchy Fanfiction Pa...
Alyssa Matthews has lived a life of devastation and disrepair since her father left when she was 6. At the age of 16 she finds herself homeless and living in her car. Is...
Passing the time by LeenaMalfoy
Passing the timeby LeenaMalfoy
Being in the hospital at the same time as Chibs
Careless whisper- a Chibs Telford Fic  by emma-Kenobi
Careless whisper- a Chibs Em Butler
Emma Lovren and her son Remo had a horrible past, when she meets Chibs something changes. She feels love, safety and friendship. Will she be able to live the rest of her...
shocker~chibs teleford love story by des_909
shocker~chibs teleford love storyby destinee
Jax's big sister comes back to town when she hears her nephew is born and it's not looking good. Who knew the demons she had lying in charming will it be to much to hand...
Saved by MadiiKush
Savedby Madii Kush
Take a journey with McKenzie Renolds, twenty, pregnant, and filing for divorce. She finds herself in the small town of Charming, where her life turns upside down. With t...
Got a Second? (Chaotic Neutral, Book Two)  by lauraschink
Got a Second? (Chaotic Neutral, Actually max
The ghost with the most, Orion Winslow is a woman who was best not seen, nor heard. With a wide array of talents, there were of course, those she favoured. For example...
Why Him? by comejoin-themurder
Why Him?by
Chibs is jealous of your new beau...
Through heaven and hell by xoxoMrsBeachoxox
Through heaven and hellby Beachgirl
He is an outlaw, a member of the Sons of Anarchy, willing to die for those he loves the most. She is a single mother, worried about everything, especially her daughter...
Mayan Maiden Come Join The Murder by AmariannaRose
Mayan Maiden Come Join The Murderby Amarianna
"And I'd choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I'd find you and I'd choose you." Kiersten White, The Chaos of St...
The Reckless Angel by Monivaren
The Reckless Angelby The Awkward Kitten
When Monique's father goes missing she knows where she should be turning.To her long lost Uncle Chibs living in California.She is well known for trouble not just in her...