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"Hey it's me," Kira spoke feeling tears in her eyes," listen I'm out. I uh am leaving tonight. This isn't your fault Anya."

"Oh God," Anya tried to remain her composer as her world started to crumble apart. The guilt she felt about her sister being forced to marry against her will was tormenting Anya. "It should have been me," Anya could feel the tears stream down her cheeks," I should have left instead of her." Instead Anya had chosen Tig Trager and the life of anarchy instead of following her father's wishes causing her to be disowned from the Putlova family. Anya could feel the tension in her neck and spine it was all starting to build up tearing her into pieces.

Quickly she dialed her mother's number needing some guidance. "Hello," the woman answers tiredly Anya knew she had woken her mother up. "Mama," Anya attempts to hold herself together," Kira's gone. She left with him." "Oh Anya," her mother sighs," you and I both knew she was going to do what her father told her. She is such a daddy's girl. Why are you upset?" "Because," Anya answers truthfully," she had to do it because I was too selfish and picked Tig instead."

"Don't blame yourself Anya," her mother says," neither of you girls are to be blame. It's Viktor who destroyed our family by putting his business first. Eventually Kira will see the truth in it." Anya nods pacing around she then heard the door open and Tig with Bobby laughing. "I have to go ma," Anya sighs holding the phone with the side of her face and shoulder while she tosses up her bleach blonde hair," I love you." The guys walk up as Anya hangs up putting her cell into her jean pocket.

"Dinner was good," Bobby smiles lighting up a cigarette," when are ya getting his crow?" Anya sighs pushing past the two men. She was still angry with Tig and wanted her space. When she walked back inside to manage the bar with Kip everything seemed normal except the Scotsman who sat drinking a bottle of whiskey at the bar.  "What's his deal," Anya questions annoyed as she gets the glasses cleaned up. "Something about a girl," Kip replies wiping down the tables," he's been like that since they were in Tacoma." "I see," Anya replies as she continues to go at the task at hand.

"Where is she," Juice storms in towards the bar, Anya could tell he was anxious. She hated to be the one to break his heart. "Kira's gone Juice," her voice was soft, holding back emotion as she dries a glass. "What do you mean she's gone," Juice questions looking at Anya," she can't just disappeared. We've been talking all week." "Look Juice," Anya's tone was snippy she hated that he was so persisted," she's not coming back. Just know she's well taken care of and will never return to this town." "What the fuck Anya," Juice's temper was getting the best of him," what do you mean she's taken care of?" "Like I said she's not coming back," Anya replies holding the tears back," She's not coming back so fuck off Juice." "Whatever Anya," Juice snaps leaving towards the dorm rooms. "Hey Kip," Anya spoke feeling overwhelmed," I'm going to go wash dishes in the kitchen." "Okay," Kip continues to straighten up the main clubhouse as she goes to the back, starting to stack dishes, filling the sink up wish soap and water. Tears stream down her cheeks as she begins to break down, crying.

"What's the matter sweetie," Gemma Teller spoke seeing the young woman in tears, attempting to wash the dishes. "It's complicated Gemma," Anya replied as she puts the dirty dishes into the sudsy water. "What's gotten into you," Gemma questions Anya turns looking at her," Oh let's see my sister decided to leave Charming for good because of my piece of shit father. Tig and I aren't doing so great so let's just say my life has gone to complete shit." "Look here baby girl," Gemma replies crossing her arms," your sister is a grown woman. It looks like she's still trying to figure out what she wants in life. As for Tig I'm not sure what to say,"  Gemma leans in," the men in this club are easy to loose baby girl. You need to show your status here that you aren't a piece of ass."

"You gotta point Gem," Anya sighs putting her finger tips between her eyes feeling a headache brewing," I just I don't know what to do." "Go home relax," Gemma suggests," and work shit out with Tig. He's got some tart sitting on his lap." Anya nods going back to washing the dishes. It was a relaxing task that she always seemed to enjoy. She realized Gemma had a point, but there was so much guilt that still lingered as if it was drowning her. By the time Anya gotten done with the dishes it was getting late. Anya walked out seeing Tig with a strange woman with dark brown hair and blonde highlights barely wearing anything sitting upon his lap. She was playing with his chest hair, flirting, whispering in his ear. Anya's eyes meet up to Tig's bright blue eyes before he could say a word she started to walk out to her car. "I hope Kira is doing better than this," Anya thought to herself getting into the car leaving once she gotten settled back to her home.

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