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"Nolan," Kira spoke tiredly clutching onto her shopping bags tightly," everything okay?" "Everything is fine babe," Nolan kisses her as he gently takes her bags from her," let me grab a few of these." Kira nods letting Nolan take her bags and together they both walk into her tiny bedroom. Nolan sets her things onto the guest night table,"so babe," he looks at her his hands in his  pockets," I got to thinkin." "Thinking about what darling," Kira sits upon the bed removing her feet from her high heels feeling a rush of relief for her feet ached. "Kira we should get married tonight," Nolan suggests with enthusiasm," I already have a house by the edge of Belfast. You can start looking for work since you wanted to work for a little bit." "Okay," Kira felt a rush of dread knowing that all of this was happening to fast," when do you want to go and do this?" "Well love," Nolan smiles," we're leaving now as soon as you dress in something nicer. I'll wait outside for ya to freshin up."

Kira looks into her closet and decides to wear a white dressy tank top with a long grey skirt that comes down to her ankles. She decided to go again for the heels, tossing up her hair into a chignon style with a simple pair of coach earrings. Kira then freshens up her make up and resprays her peony perfume. Kira looks at herself in the reflection," Soon I'll be Mrs. Kira Brogan," she sighs with sadness in her eyes before grabbing her clutch bag that matched and heads out the door.

It all happened to fast for Kira as she stood standing in the Church where Nolan, his grandfather and Maureen Ashby stood as witnesses

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It all happened to fast for Kira as she stood standing in the Church where Nolan, his grandfather and Maureen Ashby stood as witnesses. Maureen Kira had met only a few times with Fiona and Kerianne, the blonde seemed like a kind woman, but in these parts there was no telling. "Do you Kira Putlova take this man in front of God and everyone take him to be your husband, honor him, cherish him in sickness and health for as long as you both shall live," questions by the priest holding the bible in his hand. Kira felt sick in the pit of her stomach as the words "I Do" slipped from her lips. The priest looks at Nolan repeating the same thing all Kira could wish was that it was Filip instead of him. "I do," Nolan replies proudly grabbing Kira's attention who slides the ring with her shaking hands upon his wedding finger. "Then by the law of Belfast and Ireland," the priest spoke," I pronounced the two of you husband and wife. Nolan you may kiss your wife." Nolan leans in his lips pressing hardly upon Kira's lips, Kira felt nothing, but played along.

Afterwards everything for Kira was a blur one minute she was walking out of the church, hand in hand with Nolan. The next was night fall and Kira stood in her new home looking out the window watching the sun set. She still felt nothing, "this was it," she thought to herself," life as a Brogan. Nolan had to leave immediately for business Kira sighs deciding to call her sister. The phone rang until Anya picked up. "Hello," Anya spoke causing Kira to worry it sounded as if she was crying. "Anya," Kira tried to hold it together," so let's video chat." "Okay," Anya hangs up and a few minutes later Kira answers the video call seeing her sister.

"Oh Anya," Kira sighs realizing her older sister looked as if she hadn't slept in days. Her blonde hair a mess and mascara was so smeared she looked like a raccoon. "You look like shit," Kira spoke causing Anya to chuckle," what's going on over there?" "Chibs is in intensive care," Anya replies," he's going to pull through though. I did meet his bitch estranged wife." "Ouch," Kira sits upon the sofa listening to her sister give her the update. "I've met Fiona," Kira mentions," she smacked the taste buds out of my mouth.""Why?" Her sister grabs a pillow holding it in front of her. Kira grins," fuck uh well," Kira smiles remembering the events with Chibs. "The guy I was "Seeing"," Kira pauses hoping Anya would figure it out. "You were screwing Chibs," Anya laughs," Jesus Kira. He's a bit older than Alex." "I don't know we had a connection," Kira felt a bit sadder than before," listen is he going to pull through? I was worried of him, but Fiona threaten to throw me to Nolan." "She did what," Anya continues in anger," I'll knock the shit out of her." "She's not worth it Anya," Kira stretches," look Nolan and I got married today. I'm now officially a Brogan." "I'm so sorry Kira," Kira could see the tears in Anya's eyes," I never wanted this for you."

"I'll be fine Anya," Kira attempts to cheer  her up," listen watch Filip for me. Make sure he's taken care of." "I  will," Anya promises," oh by the way. Tig and I have broken up." "Oh God," Kira felt awful hearing the news," I'm sorry Anya. It's my fault." "No it would have probably happened," Anya answers," I do have some interesting news though." "What," Kira sits in suspense hearing the door creek open and Nolan walking in. "You are going to be an Aunt," Anya smiles," I'm pregnant."

                                                                   *Author's Note*

Cliff Hanger! Da Da Dum! ;) Okay so I've not been on much. Life at the moment has been filled with chaos. However I'm back in the reigns for writing so more stuff. Anyways keep your eyes peeled for more chapters to come.

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