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Kira had fallen asleep her face leaning against the window. The drive from her place towards Charming was long. Silence filled the car except for the sudden mutters of her sister talking to someone on headset. Kira could feel the car move taking a turn suddenly stopping, "Kira," Anya's soft voice spoke with a light touch on her shoulder causing the young red head to stir in her sleep. Anya sighs shaking her head, unbuckling as she gets out of the car leaving her little sister sound asleep.

Hours passed before Kira woke up startled by the loud roar of motorcyles flooding her ears. She raises up seeing she was in a parking lot. "Where the hell am I," Kira thinks to herself as she slowly gets out of the car catching the Charming breeze. There she realizes she's in a parking lot in a close lot where a huge sign written Teller-Morrow Automotive Repairs. "Are ye loss lass," a thick Scottish accent spoke sending chills up her spine. Kira turns to see an older man in his late forties staring curiously at her with his dark brown eyes. The man was taller than her dressed in a pair of blue jeans, a black shirt with his black kutte.

"Um is Anya around," her voice was soft, shy as she looked up at him praying he could help her find her sister. "Who is yer sister lass," the man questions admiring the bonnie that caught his attention."Anya," she replies, "look if you can't help I can find the bar myself." Kira felt awkward asking the complete stranger that was admiring her. "Anya should be over at the bar," he answers," the poor lass had to cover because one of our prospects decided to call out. Somethin with a stomach bug." Kira nods, "okay. thanks by the way," she walks passed him towards the clubhouse.

Inside the clubhouse was filled with members all dressed in the same kuttes, some playing pool others drinking while the later were flirting with girls. Kira stood searching for her sister finding her at the bar, serving drinks. "Oh you're awake," Anya yells across the room," come on over." Kira walks over sitting in one of the bar stools quietly, Anya slides her a dark ember bottle towards her. "It's hard cider," Anya smiles, "enjoy the night I'll come find you once the shift is over."

Kira nods sipping the hard cider, feeling the light burn down her throat. The slight bitter taste mixed with apples tickled her taste buds. "Hmmm," She thought to herself on finding stuff to do Kira decides to get up wondering over towards the pool table to watch a game between two of the members. The first man was bald with a mean, harden look covered in tattoos as he concentrates on the solid color balls. His opponent was a man with thick curly black hair and the most beautiful blue eyes Kira had ever seen. Kira watched absorbed into the game as she sip her cider. "You must be Anya's sister," a voice caught her attention she turns to see a shorter bald guy with tribal tattoos on the side of his head.

"Kira," She looks at him curious to who this guy was. He looked around her age, attractive with olive tone skin. "I'm Juice," he smiles with confidence Kira couldn't help, but smiled as she hold out one of her hands. "Kira," she introduces herself, " it's lovely to meet you Juice. Let's hang out." Kira follows Juice back to the bar where they sit, talking about life as they casually drink. "So you're the computer guy," Kira repeats amused as Juice continues to nerd out, "Yeah what about you?" He looks at her cutely scooting closer to her, "I doubled majored in English and Communications," She spoke shyly. "Damn," Juice sips his beer admiring not only that Kira was absolutely gorgeous, but smart too.

Kira seemed interested in Juice, but the man with the scars had her attention more. She was curious to know more about him or even run into him again. As the night progressed so did her drinks as she switched from cider to something stronger. "What's this," She questions to Juice looking at the clear liquid in a shot glass. "Probably Tequila," He replies handing her the shot glass," cheers," the two click their glasses downing the shots. Kira could feel a stronger burn down her throat afterwards she sits the glass down.

By Kira's fourth or fifth shot, she had transformed from a shy, reserved woman to a bold, adventurous one. "Where are you going," Juice questions after taking a body shot off of her. Kira would grab his hand leading him over towards the pole. There she climbs up upon stage and begins dancing to the music that was being played. Kira climbs upon the stage grabbing the pole. There she slowly hangs from the pole swaying her hips. Kira moves with the rhythm of the beat.

Kira begins to climb upon the pole doing a trick or two from her pole dancing class she took in college. She seduced the audience, taunting them, teasing them without even removing an ounce of her clothing. Kira looks over seeing the man with the scars looking over at her. "Yes," She smiles happily grabbing his attention. For her he was the only man in the room.

Kira gets down walking her way over the man with scars. She looks up at him, "Enjoy the show," she spoke with a smile. "Aye," he answers with a smile, "but you're piss drunk lass and I don't want to take advantage of it." "Can I at least get your name handsome," Kira slurs slightly touching the front of his kutte. "Everyone calla me Chibs," he answers, "but I prefer you to call me Filip."

"Kira," Anya rushes over," come on let's go home." Kira looks over towards Anya and vomits all over her shoes. "Great," Anya sighs looks over to Chibs," sorry Chibs. She's a light weight." "No worries lass," Chibs replies," take the beautiful bonnie home." "Will do," Anya helps her sister," see ya tomorrow." Anya runs into the blue eye man, "Where you go doll," he questions catching the scent of vomit,"Fuck what's that smell." "Kira," Anya tries to help her sister stand straight," she's had one to many." "Let me help you get her to the car," he spoke picking Kira following Anya to her car.

There he puts Kira inside, buckling her up, "Wait," Kira pukes again on the pavement. Kira knew she was going to pay for it tomorrow. The man closes the door," Jesus you got your hands full babe," he pulls Anya close to him giving her a deep kiss. "Tell me about it Tig," She smiles," are you coming home tonight?" Tig nods, "yes baby I'm going to follow you home and help you get her to bed." "Talking about a wild night and it's not even her first day here," Anya chuckles," just like old times." Tig watches Anya get into the car, getting settled and driving off he then walks over to his bike to follow his love and her sister on the way home.

*Author's Note*

I honestly thought this was posted sooner, but apparently my phone didn't post it. It's weird, but I think this Chapter turned out pretty well. I hope everyone is doing well out there. Keep your eyes peeled for more which will be coming your way soon.

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