The Puppet Assassin - Ch 24 [hit 'em up -|- Dizelde]

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Chapter Twenty-Five

Hit ‘em up


Luke and Garth were having another one of those long-winded talk/arguments. It was about the blood witches case. The only reason I’d heard about the case was through one of these debates, and the occasional slip by a deteriorating Luke.

“This has to be the warehouse, Garth!” Luke argued loudly.

Garth’s voice wasn’t raised so I couldn’t really hear what he was saying. I strained hard and caught the end of it. “…another incident like Kayli.”

Kayli incident? …interesting. I wondered what Kayli was up to? She hadn’t visited since the party two nights ago. Not that I was expecting her to visit every day. It’s just… well… with Larkin gone… I cut my thoughts off and concentrated on eavesdropping.

“Hence why we won’t be using someone else. I’ll go in and-”

Garth didn’t let him finish his sentence, so furious with what had been suggested that his voice rose in volume. “You seriously think that, well, for one you’d be able to do anything in the condition you’re in right now? And two, you’re the fucking Lion!”

Now Luke’s voice was quiet. “This needs to be done. If we can confirm that this is where the victims are being confined…” I lost his voice for a moment, too low for me to pick up. My hands clenched. I could help. For crying out loud, breaking into secure buildings was the one thing that didn’t trigger the nightmarish visions. “…if I don’t, I can’t help but feel like I’m failing as the Lion. Garth, this has to happen soon!”

I nearly growled softly. I would be able to do it at any time! All I needed was a blueprint and two minutes to memorise the thing and I would be set.

“We’ll talk to Liam then! He can have a team set up in a day and swarm Tork St tomorrow evening. You’re just making this bigger than it needs to be because you’re feeling desperate. We’ll go visit Liam now, okay?”

“Fine, we’ll talk it over with him. But I don’t want to swarm them, Garth, I just want to confirm. If we attract a lot of attention by breaching the warehouse. Just one or two people, in and out… I just need to know…”

It was quiet for a moment and then I heard footsteps sound down the hallway.

“Are you sure it’s okay to leave her here by herself?” Luke questioned softly.

“I’ll bring my screen. I’ve got surveillance of all the entries and exits on the ground floor, as well as on the front gate. Anyway, she should be able to handle herself for the short amount of time that we’re gone.”

The footsteps stopped outside my door and it opened, Garth’s head poking through. He looked at me and then the screen where I’d muted the television.

“You like it quiet, huh?” He sounded almost suspicious.

“I prefer watching people’s body movement and facial expressions rather than listening to the stuff that they go on about,” I said honestly. I could have also added that I can’t have the sound on because I get nervous and I need to be able to hear my surroundings. And, also, that muting the volume allowed me to eavesdrop a lot easier. But if I stuck to the simple he’d hopefully lose the suspicion.

“Hmm,” he said, looking at the screen again. “You have fun with that then. Luke and I are just heading to Luke’s place to make a video call. We won’t be any longer than ten minutes. If you find yourself in some trouble, run for the alarm and set it off. But you shouldn’t be any trouble, right?”

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