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Akatsuki's Blossom  by PureRandomness101
Akatsuki's Blossom by PureRandomness101
A mission to infiltrate the Akatsuki, what do you expect? Be their most treasured friend? Well yeah that actually happened to Haruno Sakura. But she never expected them...
  • family
  • akatsukifamily
  • anime
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Their Hazardous Corruption by Ash_M120
Their Hazardous Corruptionby Cher Kurenai
"You are an FBI Special Agent. I'm an unstable Gang leader. Sorry Baby but we don't match." In a world where it's screw or be screwed, Giovanni Merlendez...
  • jensenackles
  • alpha
  • thewritersvoice2018
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Operation Auburn by Cyra998
Operation Auburnby Cyra
Ara, an awkward teenager stuck in a boring high school P.E. class meets Auburn, another misfit and the two begin role-playing together to pass the time. But when Auburn...
  • basedonatruestory
  • rebeling
  • infiltration
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mission d'infiltration by my_story_is_your
mission d'infiltrationby my_story_is_your
moi? je m'appelle Kristen. Pour faire cour je suis un agents du gouvernement et pas n'important lequel puisque je fait fait partie des meilleur agents que cette planète...
  • infiltration
  • ado
  • amitier
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Faithful Till The End 3/ Fronte Nazionale Uprising  by Snake9AA
Faithful Till The End 3/ Fronte Snake9AA
It's been 10 months since the mission in the Netherlands and Caliber is ready for action again. Over time however he has questioned some parts of his service to his coun...
  • action
  • gear
  • metalgear
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The Puppet Assassin [TTR sequel] by SidneyArden
The Puppet Assassin [TTR sequel]by SidneyArden
Book Two [It is not necessary to read TTR beforehand] She is on a string, but who is doing the tugging?
  • fantasy
  • assassins
  • argument
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The Union's Infiltrator (genLOCK fanfic) by ghostTMMR
The Union's Infiltrator (genLOCK ghostTMMR
Daniel godlin was an British spy and code breaker,that was neutral in the beginnings of the war between the vanguard and the union until the union offered him a deal he...
  • kazu
  • infiltration
  • miranda
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Infiltration by ellabella201
Infiltrationby ellabella201
After remembering her missing summer Ela finally understands why the Circle has been hunting her down. She and her friends are now on a mission to hunt down all the coun...
  • war
  • spy
  • undercover
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Daughter of the Moon by Aysanna
Daughter of the Moonby Aarica Quinn
231 is a 18 year old girl whose parents where killed when she was 9. She and her family had been on a camping trip when the were brutally murdered. The government took h...
  • orphan
  • infiltration
  • betrayal
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Destruction by xChRoNiQuEuSe
Destructionby Nikie Sweets
Suite de Infiltration, je vous conseille d'aller lire le tome 1 avant. J a réussi à s'évader avec Dan de prison après avoir été dupé par Jane. Rempli de vengeance il dé...
  • destruction
  • infiltration
Infiltré [ Joshua Kimmich x Toni Kroos] by DraxlerBae
Infiltré [ Joshua Kimmich x Toni Yvana
Cover By @Ellysabellassia "T'es en train de me demander de venir au Daemon ce soir, pour payer 500 euros et baiser un gosse ? - Non ! Y a pas de caméra dans les cha...
  • infiltration
  • au
  • joshuakimmich
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Captured (Previous Title: Infiltration) by illa-omnia
Captured (Previous Title: illa-omnia
After a surprise turn of events, Lance seems to join the Galra's side after abandoning his friends and his lion. He has a plan to infiltrate the system to help his frien...
  • gay
  • hunk
  • lotorxlance
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 Girl Gang  by Sophiebrownsb5242
Girl Gang by Amazinglysimple
Scar is at the top of her game . She is the new leader of the Eagle gang. Her gang is one of the strongest in the world. She has no emotions and never fails to do her jo...
  • infiltration
  • undercover
  • romance
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THE SIMULATION (COMPLETE) by secretlyselene
HIGHEST RANKINGS: #148 dystopia | #96 technology | #844 futuristic | #56 simulation | #28 infiltration | #288 dystopian What are déjà vu's? What if all those times you...
  • survival
  • technology
  • action
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Circonstance Hasardeuse . by Bakers221
Circonstance Hasardeuse .by Bakers221
Une jeune fille prisonnière d'un destin de violence ,de drogue et de question sans réponse,habitué à se servir de tout ce dont elle dispose pour se défendre voit sa vie...
  • romance
  • combat
  • emma
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Operation Leap of Faith by kikispeachdelivery
Operation Leap of Faithby Kiki
There are rumors of a White Mask cell looking to add a sharpshooter to their ranks, and Six needs to know what they're planning, in order to avoid a new terror attack. T...
  • glaz
  • crossoverfanfiction
  • rainbowsixsiege
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Beckoning Shadows by KatsandAngel
Beckoning Shadowsby Alizeh
Adrian is content with his quiet life, uneventful as it may be, until unfortunate circumstances and a surprise ambush pull him into a secret society of angels. At first...
  • battle
  • friendship
  • revenge
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Faithful Till The End/ The Jamaican Incident by Snake9AA
Faithful Till The End/ The Snake9AA
Caliber is a young 18 year old like anyone else. A Christian who is a senior in High School and lives a normal life. Till one day the United States goes to War with Nort...
  • god
  • tactical
  • metalgear
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Ardinia's War by TCSpencer
Ardinia's Warby TCSpencer
Ardinia Diamond has lost everything: her husband, her child, and her faith in the Goddess Jinnea. To find her daughter, she must give up her identity to become a spy fo...
  • heroine
  • vermin
  • telepathy
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The Last One by BrainOverload
The Last Oneby Beccy
  • soldier
  • elite
  • eliteteam
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