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The Puppet Assassin - Ch 31 [on your knees]

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Chapter Thirty-One

On Your Knees


I’d been lying on the bed for five minutes before I felt foolish. What was I thinking? Did I believe that if I didn’t move, Larkin would return and we would pick up exactly where we left off? I flexed my toes and wetted my suddenly dry lips. They were still tingling and the feeling kept making my mind return to his kiss, his touch, his gentleness, his care… ah, his exit. I rolled over onto my stomach again and felt my shirt slide up my arms. I needed to put something else on or I could reveal more than I wanted to. I glanced at his drawers and felt a tinge of excitement. How would it feel to wear one of his t-shirts?

I smiled at my own thoughts delightedly and pushed myself off the bed. I groaned when my head span and my knees buckled. It seemed that, while he had healed most of my cuts and muscular aches, he hadn't been able to get to them all. My calves and lower back throbbed with the pain of overexertion and my mind was fatigued. I hadn’t thought that possible but I was definitely dizzy and felt like I had to concentrate on sending commands for movement to my body parts.

I limped to his drawers and shucked the torn sweater and shirt. He’d also cut through the back strap of my bra so I pulled that off too, seeing as it was useless. I opened the top drawer and was greeted with the sight of socks and… I quickly shut it and opened the next one down. Shorts and pants. I closed it, frustrated, and hurriedly opened the second to last drawer. I should have left my tattered shirt on until I had a change of clothing in my hand rather than rummaging through his things whilst topless. What if he walked in? Oh god, what if he walked in?

Thankfully the drawer I’d opened had tops inside and I swiftly picked out a long sleeve grey shirt and slipped it on. I rolled the ends of the sleeves up to free my hands and pressed one to my chest. My heart was thumping hard with the anticipation of getting caught with no top. If just the thought of him seeing me without a top on set me off like this, what would it feel like to actually have his eyes on me, and his hands? I sucked my lips into my mouth to hold back a happy whimper. I must have some kind of post-attack deliriousness.

I manoeuvred myself back to the bed, relaxing my tired limbs. Just as I sat, the door swung open and Larkin appeared, his hand still on the doorknob.

“Luke’s decided that it is okay for you to come out for lunch, because we’re all starving and…” He paused and I noticed that his eyes skated over my upper attire. He tilted his head and his smile became a little self-satisfied. “On second thoughts… I think it’s best if you and I stayed in for the afternoon.” He snapped his teeth suggestively. “I’ll be back in an instant.”

I’m pretty sure if I’d been a kettle, my head was blocking all the steam from exiting and was about to explode off my neck. And all he’d done was look at me, and I’d still had clothes on! I was in over my head! My hands fumbled on the bedspread as I got the feeling that I needed to hold onto something. I had no doubt that he was telling everyone some reason why we both weren’t coming out to dinner. I should chase after him and stop him. No I shouldn’t. Yes I should. AHH!

It was like my butt had grown roots. I couldn’t move from where I sat. I’d like to say that it was because my body was so tired but… Anticipation was synonymous with ‘the devil’. They were both evil things.

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