The Puppet Assassin - Ch 20 [interrupted]

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This chapter and the next are bloody short but I don't really give a crap. At least the stories coming along again. However slowly...

Chapter Twenty  

Interrupted | Luke  


Nerves were... a good sign. It meant that I cared and it had been so long since I'd dated a girl and cared about the outcome. But, goddamn, I hoped that these nerves didn't cause me to do something awkward or embarrassing. Alcohol had aided my confidence last time but this time  

Bianca was sitting next to me in the car, her feet up on the dashboard, tapping along to the fast beats coming out of the speakers. She'd gone with a more casual look, thankfully, and was showing all of her legs up to the bottom of her denim shorts. Her light golden tan was accented by the flowing white singlet. She looked so pretty. Her knee twitched and she glanced at me... but I'd already turned back to the road before she could see that I'd been staring. Her heart sped up. Oh boy, I was going to have fun tonight.

"Luke, where are we going...?" she asked dully for the tenth time. "There is nothing out here! Not even a car! Not even a street light, dammit!"

I chuckled. "I don't want to ruin the surprise."

I saw her give me a shrewd look out of the corner of my eye. "Tell me now," she whined. "'Cause I'm worried that you've taken me out this far to shoot me and bury me where no one will ever find me. If you don't tell me, I WILL jump out of the car."

I glanced over at her and nearly laughed aloud as she gave me a wide eyed, serious look. "Chill, B. If I seemed like the kind of guy to do such a thing, why would you agree to this at all?"

"Suspect everyone," she said, mockingly serious. "And maybe I thought you'd be all manly and in charge." She winked. I had to tear my eyes off of her.

"We're going to a cliff lookout on the top of these hills, near the ruins of an old castle. Great views and an awesome place to have a secluded picnic... at night." I smirked. Now, if that wasn't romantic, I don't know what was.  

"Oh, that sounds pretty cool..."

"Uhh..." I flicked a glance at her to see if she was serious but she was looking out her window. She was supposed to gush over my plan. I mean, there was no way in hell anyone could have taken her out like this in the mysterious, magical land of the Irish. Why wasn't she more excited?

"You're not considering jumping out that door, are you?" I said after a moment's silence.

There was a pause and then she burst out laughing. "Dammit! I was seeing if I could hold that uninterested expression for longer! Made you squirm, didn't I?"

"I'll make you squirm," I muttered under my breath. Bianca was the queen of teasing. I had to get her back somehow.

'Incoming Call' The M-screen informed me as my wire began to buzz in my pocket. I was tempted to ignore it but that wasn't something I could do with everything that was going on right now. I tugged my wire out, not game enough to put the call on speaker when it could be another call like the one I'd had the other night.

"Hello?" I said as I linked it up, sending an apologetic expression to B. She grinned and shrugged.

I listened to the caller for a moment and then hung up, my mood entirely changed.

"Sorry, B," I grimaced, pulling the car to the side of the road before spinning the wheel to do a U-turn.

"What's up? Work?" she asked worriedly. My expression must be making my emotions obvious.

"Something like that. But I can't go through with this date tonight. It's gonna have to be another time." I sighed and then felt the anger at the realisation that this night could no longer go ahead build up. I slammed my palm on the steering wheel. "Damn, tonight was gonna be so awesome too!"

To my surprise, she laughed. "It's okay, Luke, trust me. As long as you get whatever's working you up sorted, I'll be fine. We can get this 'romantic' outing done another time. I'll look forward to it, seriously."

I felt comforted, slightly. But I was still pissed. "I'll make it up to you, big time. I feel like the biggest jerk."

"I'll hold that to you," she said with a sweet, suspicious smile. "Next weekend, another date. I'll choose the place this time. I'll let you know mid-week sometime." She chuckled. "I'm planning it out already."

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