Puppet Man (and other short stories) by Stevenstoriesofold
Puppet Man (and other short storie...by Steven's stories
This a short story collection book that is similar to The Songbird Sings, except it has short stories instead of short poems. IMPORTANT: Like the previous book, please...
  • adventure
  • puppet
  • shortstory
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Puppet and blind child by Kit-Kat0
Puppet and blind childby Kit-Kat0
I heard a bang come from the prize corner. I followed the sound and found a stulding around almost as if it's blind. they looked blind. how did it get in here? I thought...
  • blindchild
  • puppet
  • fnaf
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1987 (Foxy x Mangle) by BOOKBOY271
1987 (Foxy x Mangle)by ParadoxPlayer
Foxy hasn't seen the light of day for years, but when he, Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica woke up, they encountered a new set of replacement animatronics. And when strange thi...
  • freddy
  • mangle
  • puppet
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humor reading by user26816784
humor readingby
55minutedrive.blogspot.com memes listicles true stories videos more
  • dating
  • puppet
  • onlinedating
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Assassination Classroom x Fem!Reader - Puppet Class by yanderechuu
Assassination Classroom x Fem!Read...by sadisticjerk
"It's easy - getting all of you tied up to my strings as if you all are mere puppets." She never had a heart; she was cold, wreckless, and ruthless. "I'm...
  • puppet
  • manipulation
  • assassinationclassroom
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Enamorado de una vampira ( Foxy y tu ) by valeria34estefi
Enamorado de una vampira ( Foxy y...by valeria34estefi
En una escuela antes no se aceptaban monstruos como ellos lo decían pero ahora es la actualidad ahora esos dispuestos monstruos van a ir a la escuela _______ ella es una...
  • toddy
  • springtrap
  • joy
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Mi lindo pirata (Foxy y Tu) by GirlCreepyX3
Mi lindo pirata (Foxy y Tu)by GirlCreepyX3
TN Williams era una niña de unos 7 años la cual era tachada como fenomeno ante las demas personas por su aspecto, incluso ante sus propios padres, excepto aquellos anim...
  • chica
  • toybonnie
  • freddy
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Dancing Little Marionettes: A Fairytale by MEWaldock
Dancing Little Marionettes: A Fair...by M. E. Waldock
#completed A quirky romance in 3 acts. The Night Circus meets The Borrowers in a melancholy fairytale about a ballerina marionette who falls in love. Set in a puppet the...
  • love
  • youngadult
  • fantasy-romance
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FNAF Humanos. by SceauPurpurine
FNAF Humanos.by SceauPurpurine
Estos son los mismos personajes de siempre pero que ya no estan en el cuerpo de los animatronicos solo han cambiado de aparienza.
  • freddy
  • foxy
  • mangle
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Hogyan lettünk ilyenek? (backstory) by Ennard_1983
Hogyan lettünk ilyenek? (backstory)by Ennard
Minenkinek van háttértörténete. Nekünk miért ne lenne. Néha lehet hogy túl engedem majd a fantáziám, szóval csak óvatosan!
  • lolbit
  • electrobab
  • ennard
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FNaF Ask/Dare by Hat_Dude_5236
FNaF Ask/Dareby Unknown Believer~
Explanation: Toys; T. Withered; W. Shadows; S. Phantom; P Funtime; F. Circus Baby; C.Baby Golden Freddy; G. Freddy Nightmare; N. Jack-os; J.O. Rockstar; R.S.
  • toychica
  • toybonnie
  • jj
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Mi inteligente (Puppet x Tu) by liznarguillen12Fd
Mi inteligente (Puppet x Tu)by Liznar Estephany Guilllen Gar...
podrá _____ enamorarse de Puppet,tantos intentos de hacerla su novia y no consigue nada pronto ____ habrá caído en las garras de Puppet,Puppet le hará saber a ___ que el...
  • romance
  • puppetx
  • fnanhs
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Children of Wood by EsmaePretre
Children of Woodby Joji Frost
A lonely toy maker, who made beautiful and lifelike toys to children, had always wanted one of his own. Lonely and longing for company, he made his most greatest creati...
  • witchesandwizards
  • puppet
  • spells
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The dummy's dummy (mafia AU) Probably by Garetson_Prick
The dummy's dummy (mafia AU) Proba...by Garetson_Prick
I sincerely do not own the dummy's dummy ofcourse it belongs to mochamura, but the AU story is mine... I love the comic thing alot... oh and sometimes I fix or change th...
  • fanfiction
  • puppet
  • dummy
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FNAF Teorileri by Nillimon1987
FNAF Teorileriby Nil Ülker
FNAF'ın hikayesi ve teorileri hakkında bir kitap. Eleştirmek serbest ama lütfen küfür etmeyin. Anlayışınız için teşekkürler.
  • chica
  • gizem
  • freddy
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discovered ! »foxica; fnafhs. by wondermila
discovered ! »foxica; fnafhs.by MÁS PERRA QUE NUNCA
fox y chica mintieron acerca de tener una relación. una simple broma, por una buena causa. pero, ¿qué pasaría si esa mentira sale a la luz? ambos deberán solucionar el p...
  • usagi
  • springtrap
  • fnafhs
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(FNaF SL) Memory by SammyTheUmbreon
(FNaF SL) Memoryby SammyTheUmbreon
Slow updates I'm bad at titles and writing stories but i hope you enjoy this. Warning: maybe includes shipping. Main focus on Funtime Foxy. 4th Wall breaking and OC are...
  • circusbaby
  • minecraftfivenightsatfreddys
  • funtimefreddy
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The right boy  (FNAF fan-story)  by BlueDo73
The right boy (FNAF fan-story) by BlueDo73
Jeremy's childhood was nothing but hatred. Until he met Fritz, Gabriel and Susie. They opened up his eyes to an different world. A world where he is allowed to be happy...
  • foxythepirate
  • fnaf
  • freddyfazbear
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Puppet Of Love by LuckyRainbowCharm
Puppet Of Loveby Blackhole The Wolf
You have been invited to work at the new Fazbear's Pizzeria! You were a bit skeptical about the fire warning but easily wrote it off. This Is a Puppet X Reader! Its call...
  • puppet
  • xreader
Your Past Is Our Future-FNaF FF by SushiPuppet
Your Past Is Our Future-FNaF FFby Sushi Puppet / Seli
Hey, du! Du interessierst dich für unsere Geschichte? Dann bist du hier genau richtig! Ihre Geschichte ist öffentlich! Aber wie unsere ist, erfährst du hier. In Zusammen...
  • puppet
  • mangle
  • springtap
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